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ShinyObject Review: I received a copy of A SEAL's Honor by JM Stewart from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I was intrigued by the summary and really wanted to like this novel, but the storyline should have been pulled together better and the characters developed (less flat/one dimensional).

Not a book I would recommend.


Chantal Review: A wonderful sexy story. Yes, it may be forbidden love but can you really help it when you can’t ignore the feelings.
Belle and Zeus. Not only is there the age difference but also the fact that she is your friends daughter. Recipe for disaster right......
They sure have a battle on their hand. A battle which can’t be won........?!?
An amazing story. Couldn’t put it down. Another 5 star read........


HM Review: ترجمه اش چنگی به دل نمی زند و خواننده را گیج می کند اما زیمل آن قدر نبوغ آمیز و دقیق بحث فرم های اجتماعی را با نمونه های عملی چون خسیس و ولخرج ، غریبه ، مد ، عشق افلاطونی و عشق مدرن و غیره شرح میدهد که به نظر تنها مارکس را می توان همتای او در نظریات جامعه شناسی دوران دانست و انگار این دو از آینده ی دور آمده اند. خوشبختانه فصل بسیار مهم کلانشهر و حیات ذهنی را یوسف اباذری با ترجمه قابل قبولی در ارغنون چاپ کرده است

در این کتاب زیمل بحث می کند در روزگار مدرن چگونه آدم ها در پی یافتن فردیت خود فرم های


Lory Review: Enjoyable Read

I found this series to be really interesting I love the concept however I did find Joyce's bitchiness to be annoying don't get me wrong I'm all for a sassy heroine who stands up for herself and doesn't take crap from anyone but I feel that she took a little bit overboard. I understand that Kede is your typical alpha male and the whole different species thing didn't help so much plus that he was clueless as well to her Terrans way he saw Joyce and it was love at first sight for him


Dee Review: Dark, Gritty and Intense!

“Buying Beth” is a dark, gritty, intense roller-coaster ride and I did not want this ride to end! Professionally written and incredibly fast paced, “Buying Beth” portrays a shadowy criminal underworld from the perspective of an antihero as well as the extremely resilient young woman who falls in love with him. Set within a city riddled with corruption, various criminal factions compete for territory as well as total and complete citywide dominance. Although Lucifer’s (mo


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