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New Fictions

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Mindy Reads Review: Although I do believe many points she made are valid, I have a hard time with how a lot of the book makes generalities and doesn't back up what it's claiming.


S.N. Arly Review: On the surface this appears to be a story about a girl learning to use her first set of chopsticks, but there's much more to it than that. It's much more a story about finding your own path, and the fact that there is often more than one right way to do things.

Maggie gets advice from everyone in her family on how to properly use her chopsticks, but none of their ways work for her. The descriptions were fabulous. My kids (age 4 and 6) enjoyed the story and illustrations. They particularly liked t


Annie Review: This is the perfect example of a story that should be a short story. It was well written and edited. Not all stories are meant to be novels and this one wasn't. It did however make a *wonderful* short story. It is also a great example of fem-dom, where the domme is not a complete fucking bitch.
The relationship was sweet and I liked that the twist that the hero was the one struggling with the relationship and not the heroine.


Simona Bartolotta Review: Una stellina è troppo. C'è una sola definizione plausibile per questa infima sottospecie di carta straccia, ed è: merda. Vorrei essere più raffinata e composta, ma, date le circostanze, il rispetto che sento di nutrire verso il mio gusto letterario me lo vieta. Vorrei usare un linguaggio più soft, ma sarebbe una mancanza di riguardo per il resto dei libri di tutto il mondo. Pensate che giusto qualche secondo fa, quando ho cercato di aggiungere questa lettura ai miei scaffali, mi si è aperta una


David Review: Excellent story, very well written and introducing some interesting characters. I found the book hard to put down.
Wonderful blends of emotions covering love, ambition, family responsibility and humour setting this story up perfectly for a much awaited sequel.


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