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Author: Godfrey Vesey

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Aanya Review: Emmett Till was a young black boy who was killed in Mississippi in 1941 by two white men. He was falsely accused of flirting with a white woman who was married. Then her husband and his brother kidnapped him, beat him and killed him.
What happened to Emmett was horrible enough but because of segregation and racism the men who killed him were let free. This is a story that all children should learn because it teaches a great lesson. Before I read this I didn't know who he was and I wish that I ha


Nat Review:
This review contains *spoilers*.

I'm finally back with my favorite group of gals. The third volume continues off right where we last left the Giant Days group. Continuing their first semester at university, fast friends Susan, Esther, and Daisy want to find their footing in life. The girls, along with their male hall-mates, Ed and McGraw find that college is more than academics and bad microwavable meals. Add some pub hopping, hookups, breakups and political scandal this might just be the most e


Sabrina Review: 2.5 Stars

This blurb grabbed my attention because of the "brother's best friend" mention, and I'm a huge fan of that trope. Sadly though this book didn't live up to the expectations I had for it and not even the fact it was my favorite trope was able to save the story for me.

My biggest issue was that I just didn't understand this book. The characters were a bit of a mess and there were things going on that made no sense to me. The main thing was Holden's need for Janelle to make things right wit


Jason Review: I’ve always had a weakness for these mystery/crime thrillers—you know, the dragon tattoos and angels & demons of the world? I suppose I should be a little embarrassed by this but I’m not. They are my peanut butter and fluff.

Defending Jacob is some of the best fluff I’ve ever tasted. It is written by a former assistant district attorney from Massachusetts with a real knack for this type of storytelling—Jacob is perfectly paced with a tugging suspense that doesn’t abate until the final sentenc


Korrina (OwlCrate) Review: Surprisingly emotional, especially if you’ve ever lost someone close to you.


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