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1. Title:An Invitation to Reflexive Sociology

Author: Pierre Bourdieu, Loïc Wacquant

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John Review: 4.3 stars? Why? How? This book is terrible.

Do you like Mary Sue characters? The main character is the mother of all Mary Sues. I must have rolled my eyes 100 times. He is the best in the world (by far) at everything. Knows how to assume any role in society flawlessly (despite zero prior experience in the real world). Master of EVERY weapon. Knows the exact blueprints by memory of every important building in the known world....the list goes on and on. He fights 15 elite master warriors simultaneo


Sarah Jane Review: I think Aziz Ansari just convinced me to get on Tinder?


L.A. Review: I'm not sure why I finished this book, as I lost interest about 3/4 of the way through. Ironically, it's possible that the reading level was too low for me (I love YA, but this is really more of a middle school read, and that's not my style). That being said, this would be a good book for kids who are struggling with Millicent's problem: being super book smart, but not so bright in the common sense department.

Yee makes Millicent a very believable character. So believable, in fact, that it hurts


Sammy Review: Please excuse me as I make a noise of annoyance, disgust, boredom and all around dissatisfaction... UGHARGHHHHUHHH. Don't even know how to spell that or if it makes any sense. Hey, that makes a nice segue into my review.

Let me start with the one perk I can honestly give this book. Anne Enright has a beautiful grasp of words but she doesn't know how to use them. She also had a wonderful gem of an idea for a story, but she didn't know how to develop it. Combine those two together you get a reader


Kimberly Review: The Post-it Note Love Affair compellingly addresses what most people (men included!) battle at one time or another in a relationship with a loved one: the disheartening fact that sometimes a spouse has unknowingly taken the other loved one for granted.

The story begins with Emily, who describes how seemingly discontent she is in her marriage. She knows Stephen loves her and she him; yet there's no spark anymore. She feels like Steven's more like that of a loyal puppy dog rather than what she real


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