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1. Favorite Horses Coloring Book John Green pdf Dover Pubns 3908037 English 2005 [Download]


Hannah Garden Review: 2010: Wow! I had no idea! I always thought Peanuts was kinda take it or leave it. (Except, obviously, the movies.) But these are EXQUISITE!

2018: Excuse me but these are perfect.


UnusualChild{beppy} Review: 3.5 stars

Synopsis: Mac is an escort/grifter on Earth, and one night at one of his customer's place, he picks up an unusual looking pin, thinking that maybe he can hock it. When he accidentally pricks his thumb with it, he is transported to a different galaxy. The beings there look human, but until they put a translator chip in him, Mac can't understand them. Then they take a sample, and, rather than have them continue experiments on him, Mac runs away. He gets caught by the law for public indece


Liz Review: What a strange book this is. Graham and his second wife, Audra, end up as friends to his first wife and her new significant other. First off, the mere idea of being friends with an ex confounds me. And here, the two wives are SO different. “How opposite they were! How could one man have fallen in love with both of them?” And to be honest, Audra would drive me insane. Constantly talking, often in long winded stories. She’s one of those sorts that knows everyone and seems to know all their intimat


Mariah Review: This book went through my newsfeed once, a really long time ago, and ever since then I have been wanting to read it. When I saw it at my library I snatched it up right away. This book did not disappoint!

What the book was about:
The book is told from the father's point of view, Andy Barber. He was an assistant district attorney that people loved and adored. He and his wife, Laurie, had an amazing relationship and one child, Jacob. Who was a teenager.
All of a sudden, there quiet, peaceful city had


Sharon Nelson Review: The story of Emmett Till for young adults and up. Crowe argues that the Till case was an important catalyst for the Civil Rights movement. I couldn't help but notice the similarities between the Till case and the Ferguson, Missouri or Sanford, Florida cases.


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