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1. Title:Favorite Horses Coloring Book

Author: John Green

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Dover Pubns




Allison Review: This may be my favorite Hurley novel to-date, likely because it's a standalone and is a lot tighter than her other stuff. Not for the squeamish or anyone who hates bodily fluids. Really packs a punch.

And ayyyyyyyyyyy there are no men in this goddamn book!

Longer review when I am on not-a-tablet.


Angela M Review: Although the novel takes place in 2008 , even now eight years since then , this is an extremely relevant story given this current political discourse on the immigration issue. Jende Jonga in efforts to get his green card explains to Clark Edwards, in his interview for a job as chauffeur why he wants to be in America:

"Everyone wants to come to America, sir. Everyone. To be in this country, sir. To live in this country. Ah! It's the greatest thing in the world, Mr.Edwards...Because ...because in


Paul Review: Paolo Bacigalupi (The Windup Girl, Shipbreaker, The Drowned Cities) blows me away; when he commented on Twitter he was reading someone named Simon Lelic I made a beeline for the library. And by great good luck my local had a copy of A Thousand Cuts, Lelic's debut novel.

Ostensibly this is a murder mystery about a British police inspector investigating a school shooting. The shooter, a first-year teacher, fired upon students and faculty at an assembly, killing three students, a colleague, and then


Ally Review: Totes adorbs!

Dude, this was entirely steamier than any other Heath I have read. At least, that I can recall. I did not expect this kinda action in a novella.

And you know what? I loved it. Seriously, this was all about seduction and love and endearment and adventure - the kind no self-respecting lady of the Ton was ever supposed to get up to until after marriage.

Darling book with wonderful characters. A sweet and spirited heroine and a seriously hot second son. This was all yummy and goodness.


Lexee Toste Review: I really loved this story! The characters were fantastic. Carter and Faith were really easy to like and connect to. Carter is back home after being injured overseas and having to watch his best friend die. He is dealing with his new limitations, what that means, and the fact that he survived over his best friend. He's trying to cope but months later is still struggling. Faith is back home for a visit to her family and starting to feel a little frustrated with the way her job/firm doesn't let her


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