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1. Title:Основы машинной арифметики

Author: Шауман А.М.

FileType: djvu





Leena Neelakandan Review: Another great book on how to calm your mind and bring in compassion through meditation. Lot of good ideas on how to practice "letting go"


Yodamom Review: Crunchy good ! The Ending KABAAAAM !
Fast and dirty-Meg becomes a humanal and humans can be horrible.
Meg has had such a hard time adjusting to an outside life. She has massive scars inside and out, many she will never recover from. She is human but not like the other humans. Finding a place where she can be comfortable to be alive in a constant struggle but she is finding a path and it’s not one traveled before. Love, is something she never considered, and when feelings come she fumbles and str


karen Review:

this question is a reaction to the sight of this:

but it could be asked in response to seeing many of the other creatures appearing in this story.

it's got unicorn people

torsoless sex workers

teevee-head people

seahorse people

and … this

the story centers around a second timeless question:

why, these two assholes, that's who:

these incredibly attractive characters are supposed to hate each other, due to the longstanding war between their respective peoples, but they fall in love in that romant


Allison Review: A very solid mystery with more than a few dark secrets to uncover. A quick read and deceptively light, in spite of its substance. Loved the surprise ending!


Maria Clara Review: Sé que no soy muy justa con esta puntuación, pero creo que hubiera podido ser sólo la historia de Tessa y no hubiera pasado nada. Aún así, la trama me gustó mucho, así como la estructurada de la novela.


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