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1. Title:A Handbook of Qualitative Methodology for Mass Communication Research

Author: Klaus Jensen

FileType: pdf





Diane Review: Diana Nyad is one tough woman. She is the person who swam from Cuba to Florida when she was 64. That's right, 64. It was her fifth attempt.

When Nyad was 26, she swam around the island of Manhattan, setting a world speed record. She also set a distance record for swimming from the Bahamas to Florida. And I hear she's good at playing squash.

This memoir covers Nyad's life from childhood to her 60s, but it jumps around and meanders quite a bit, almost as if her thoughts were being swayed by ocean w


Misfit Review: The basic plot outline: Tess Collins chafes at the life as a servant, and wants to realize her true skills as a seamstress, and whilst looking for opportunities at the dock she catches the attention of Lucile Duff Gordon. Lady Lucy is minus a maid at the last minute, Tess gets the gig and before you know it servant Tess is out of steerage and walking the main decks of the Titanic, literally *bumping* into folks left and right (including the very wealthy and still married Jack Bremerton).

I think


Emily May Review:

I got back to my apartment in Bulgaria and thought I'd read a little bit of this novel before I went to bed. 2 hours later I was still sat in my original position but by this time I was sobbing my heart out. Literally sat there crying like a baby to myself. I doubt this book will be everyone's cup of tea but, whatever it has, it really worked it's magic on me.

I thought A Monster Calls was pretty much amazing in every way; from it's darkly beautiful illustrations (worth buying a paper copy for)


Jennifer Pierson Review: Casey Shea was on trip, teaching entomology to a group of college students, when they were kidnapped, which found her fighting for her life in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle fighting for her life. Troy 'Beatle' Lennon has watched most of his friends fall in love, but wasn't sure it would happen to him, until he sees a picture of a teammates sister, and she calls to him in a way he doesn't understand. So when she's is kidnapped, it ends up being Beatle who has to find her, and keep her safe


Darwin8u Review: “Good food is very often, even most often, simple food.”
― Anthony Bourdain, Kitchen Confidential

There is a certain thrill to being the first person to reach the top of a mountain, the first to eat at a soon-to-be famous restaurant, the first to discover an author, a band, a new food or experience. Well friend, the thrill of a late discovery (even when you are 15 years late to the party) is still pretty damn sweet. I might have seen Bourdain's books as I wandered through a bookstore. I might have


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Publisher: Springer Polity Press Wiley Brikhauser Thomson/Schirmer Dover Pubns
Author: M. Jensen Henrici Lomax, Pulliam SCI SCI Sitemap

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