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Zeromarch Review: (الإيمان مركب عجيب إذا تملك من القلب قَلَبَ حال الناس )
(في قصص الأوائل عزاء )

كتاب جميل ويستحق القراءة .


For the Love of Books & Alcohol Blog Review: What a ride!!! This was a fun book!

Kate and Nick are well rounded characters that, at this point, are three books into their story. I really liked Kate. She was a badass and smart as a whip. Nate was a charmer and as slick as they come! I totally had a crush on him by the halfway mark. But Jake was my favorite. He stole the show! Jake was Kate’s dad and I loved every minute we got of him! In fact, the entire ensemble was fantastic! I connected with each character and found myself ordering the fi


Glenn Conley Review: Temp workers suck. Everyone knows this. Every big company has a big mainframe computer which is perfectly aware at how much the temp workers suck. Because, all temp workers do is fuck around all day. They check facebook. They play stupid fucking video games, instead of actually doing any work.

This book is about one such mainframe computer which has had enough of its stupid goddamn temp workers. So it starts mind-controlling its long-term employees, making them kill off those useless fucking temp


Eda** # Dax Lahn's Golden Tigress # Review:
** 3,5-4 STARS **



Lorna Review: 1944 Caldecott Honor

Favorite illustration: The two page spread where Pierre returns to his home after buying the ship in a bottle.

Favorite line: "Ah," said Mr. LeClerc, and smiled at Pierre. "There is only one way for ships to get inside bottles. They grow inside."

Kid-appeal today: I had high hopes for this book in the first few pages, because the illustrations were paired with only a few sentences of text each. It felt more like a "storybook" than others from the 1930s and 1940s. It let me down


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