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1. Title:Нестор Махно (ЖЗЛ: Жизнь Замечательных Людей)

Author: Голованов Василий

FileType: epub

Publisher:Молодая гвардия




Preston Witt Review: (I have a review copy.) I figured After the Eclipse was going to be heartbreaking, but I couldn't possibly have known it was going to be this good, this devastating, and this important. The whole world feels a little different. I'm stunned. It's (alarmingly) rare for someone to have something new to say. It's even rarer for a writer to be at the right time and place for that story to have a real impact. But this tender and insightful memoir has the chance to actually change the way we think abou


April Symes Review:
I expected this to be something super twisted and dark but what it ended up being was dark-lite and twisted. Scoundrels & Scotch by Alta Hensley is just a mind bending read. Victor and his dolls are something you will be amazed by in this book. You met Victor Drayton as one of the owners of the Sex Club Spiked Roses in previous books and he also owns his own Art Exhibits featuring Drayton Dolls which garners a lot of attention. To be a Drayton Doll is a privilege and Victor invests a lot of


James Review: "You gave it three stars?" she asked me, biting her lip and holding her breath.

"Yes," I finally answered with my marble lips, cold yet strangely comforting, even warm. "Stephenie, don't forget to breathe."

"Oh, of course." A storm seemed to rage in her for just a moment.

"I gave it a three. It's good." I would never lie to her, could never lie to her. Yet, somehow, she felt it was a lie and brooded in stillness for a moment that seemed to last an eternity.

Finally, I broke the aching silence. "I ga


Leonard Kim Review: The last two Princess in Black books, though good, didn't quite reach the heights of the first two. This one comes roaring back. High craft. There is more poetry in this book than in many "real" poetic books for children.


أحمد عيد Review: ١-
يبدو أن الكاتب متأثر جدا بكثير من الجمل القرآنية فى كتاب الله، يظهر ذلك من مصطلحاته الذي لا ينفك يستخدم إحداها كل مدة يسيرة!
وهذا شئ حسن!

مش عارف ليه ذكرنى هذا الكاتب بكاتب آخر أتيت على كل كتبه إلا واحدا وأرقب جديده، هذا الكاتب هو محمد الجيزاوى

ويكفى أى كتاب أن أجعل الريفيو بتاعه العبارة التالية:

ظننت لوهلة أننى فى حضرة الكاتب محمد الجيزاوى!


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