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1. Title:The Effects of the Atomic Bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Report of the British Mission to Japan.


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Publisher:His Majestys Stationery office





Jen Ryland Review: Pretty mixed feelings on this and am curious to see what others thought.

On the positive: I loved the idea of the book, which looks at the "curated" online presence and what happens when something spoils that carefully created sense of perfection. Hello Sunshine is about a woman with a wildly successful YouTube cooking show, just poised to start her own network show and publish a cookbook, when someone hacks her social media and exposes her some not-too flattering things about her.

Hello Sunshine


Diana Review:

Existen libros que no deberían escribirse; existen historias que deberían hacerse desde el más profundo corazón. Si las palabras no te hablan, por qué hacerlas gritar sobre el papel cuando ellas se arrastran con desgana. Por qué seguir intentando hacerlas doler cuando no existe tristeza alguna en tu corazón. Pediría que se dejara de forzar las emociones, pues los lectores sentimos sin la necesidad de que la pluma rompa el papel. 

Escriban si realmente tienen algo que contar.

Reseña completa


Susanne Strong Review: 5+ Masterful Riveting Spellbinding Stars. - Full Review now posted closer to publication date.

Have you ever told a lie? One that becomes bigger and bigger the more you tell it? One that makes you keep secrets from those you love? Such that you want to believe your lies more than anything and almost forget what is a lie and what is the truth? I think we’ve all told little white lies but who has told big nasty lies that make you keep secrets from those you love? I think that’s pretty hard to admi


Vicki Review: I really liked this one. It was so cute, light, and fluffy.

Julie's mother passed away the previous summer, and Julie was going to (view spoiler)[dental school because that was her mother's dream. But Julie really wanted to be a baker. Her mother had left an inheritance called Serendipity Gardens, and Julie had a brainstorm: she could turn it into a bakery, if her father would agree to it and he did. (hide spoiler)]


Natalie Vellacott Review: I was a bit dubious about this book due to the references to supernatural dreams and visions that the publisher has splashed everywhere obviously for the purposes of sales. However, I was pleasantly surprised; the supernatural aspects are not the focus of the book, instead the focus is a close friendship developed by the Muslim author with a Christian school friend over a number of years. This (in conjunction with the Spirit of God) ultimately led to his conversion from Islam to Christianity.



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