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1. Title:Examination of the Newborn: An Evidence Based Guide

Author: Anne Lomax

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Linda Rainey Review: Second Chance At Love

Christian and Chase need forgive each other to get their second chance at love.
Suspense grabs you and propels you through the story as Chase races to save Christina.I
I loved the well crafted plot, the engaging characters,the storyline about the opioid crisis and the dash of romance.
I recommend this book to those who love Christian romantic suspense.


Allison Review: Take a bit of the child-like innocence vs. evil of Harry Potter, some of the artificially-created destiny from Ender's Game, throw in the flying fantasies from Eragon and mix them in with Patterson's trademark flippant characterization, and you've got Maximum Ride.

This is the book I'm going to recommend when everyone's recovering from the end of Harry Potter later this month. Really. It's that good. And the best part is there are two more books after this one. There's already a waiting list for


Emily May Review: When a book becomes one of the most-read books of the week/month on Goodreads but maintains a barely respectable average rating of 3.6, there are usually one of two reasons for it:

1) The book is an objectively well-written, pretentious masterpiece that everyone thinks they should read but no one really likes.

Or 2) Some marketing guru thought it would be a good idea to - wrongly - pitch the book as the next Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Gone Girl... etc.

In this case, it's the second reason. Luckie


Brittney ~ Reverie and Ink Review: 2.5 Stars.

Initial thoughts...

This was entirely too long and could be summarized in half the page space.
I loved the characters.. but the story just fell flat. I was bored and honestly started skimming about half way through- come to find out I really didn't miss anything.
So much of the magic was contradictory and way under developed.

Gah. I really wanted to love this as I enjoyed the first book.


Emily May Review:
America was passing her by. New York City was passing her by. Bridges and billboards bearing smiling people were passing her by. Skyscrapers and brownstones were rushing by. Fast. Too fast. Forever.

3 1/2 stars. Ah, this book was a pleasant surprise. I picked Behold the Dreamers for my September Book of the Month read, mostly because none of the others appealed to me. I hadn't any previous plans to read it but, as it happens, it turned out to be an enjoyable read. Full of sadness, hope and - of


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