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Jessica Edwards Review: Read this for the second time, and it's still my favourite book.....
I'm actually scared that no book will ever top Paper Princess, because I cannot for the sake of me keep my shit together with this book series.
I mean this is the second time I've finished this book, and I can honestly say this in one of those books that will literally be with me forever! I don't know what's so captivating about this book but I just love it!

So we start the story with Ella Harper showing up to school, but gets t


Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads Review: WELL THAT WAS A JAW DROPPER!!!!!

A fucking JAW DROPPER!!! I'm still reeling! Ahhhhh! Okay... I think I've found a NEW addiction and it's ROYALLY intoxicating!!!! YOU GUYS! I started Paper Princess around 11pm on a Sunday Night. My plan was to read until 12:30. Yeah, rightttttt!!!


I had to forced myself to set it down. I had read and read and read and before I knew it I had to be up in 2hrs. TWO HOURS. The next morning I couldn't think. Not about ANYTHING but this book. I


Mel Review: I borrowed this from the library in my attempt to read everything that Sean Philips has done the art for. I'm not one for superheros but this felt more like a crime comic than a superhero one. Indeed when Iron man showed up in his costume he just seemed really out of place. I wasn't expecting much but I found myself quite enjoying the story. I thought the art was just gorgeous though. I loved the style and the way the panels moved. I also really liked how the main character wasn't really one of


Elyse Review: NO SPOILERS

This is a solid 4 Stars for me. It’s been awhile since I’ve read a psychological suspense thriller —-a surprise gift in the mail. My copy says a film is already in the making. I can definitely see this novel as a movie. It should be good! The book is good.

There are a few other reviews about the plot already ....so I’m going to simply list some random thoughts about my experience reading it.

....I enjoyed the premises of this story. Anna Fox being a child psychologist with a psycholog


Patricia Review: Victor Bayne does not really like change. To handle — without medication — the psychic ability that forces him to see and hear ghosts and their echoes, Vic needs as much routine, blandness and simplicity in his life as he can get. He eschews technology, and its frequent upgrades, as much as he can. And, while he is the one who must interrogate the ghosts of murder victims for the Chicago PD, he gratefully lets his non-psychic partner handle the computer and the paperwork.

However, Vic’s days at C


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