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Mysza Review:
"What if we only had tonight?"

This is part one of a 4 part serial, it is a bit on YA side but with some steam included, nice friends to lovers story and well written. I liked it a lot, must say, definitely a good start.

The story is about Emma and Grayson. Emma is a school nerd, she has been in love with her brother's best friend since forever, but never brave enough to act on it. Grayson is Emma's brother said best friend, he is a popular football star, most wanted and desired guy at school.


Linda Walters Review: Good story, with really good main characters and secondary ones too. Bernardo's best friend, Fulvio was one of the good secondary people. He really did have Bernardo's back, all the time.
The story didn't lack for bad guys and women too. It was amazing how shrill, snobbish and unappealing Lucella and her grandmother were. Definitely fell into the bad people column.
Aurelia's beauty is also her curse, she attracts men like a magnet. And she's not even trying to. She just wants to be left alone to


PirateSteve Review: Try not to mourn the demise of Penelope and Amelia. "Iss the song and the sigh of the willy" and laff-ter is so good for the soul.

Weather you measure time with a gold watch or the click, click, click sound of a broken wheel...
Spend as much time as possible with someone that you love, someone that you trust, someone that you can trust with your love.
And that's what Captain Kidd and Johanna the savage have done. If we are lucky, it all comes quickly between those people so deserving of it.

May i


Clayton Graham Review: A group of Manchester women trying to get to grips with life. Past and present, and trying to forge a future. Trying to keep their head above water – it rains a lot there. Faye, Beth, Olivia, Abbie; sharing their families and their inner thoughts.
Work, bosses and partners. A somewhat disturbing look at life’s loves, trials and tribulations – most of them involving people and what happens to them! Quite dark in many respects, but an atmospheric read nevertheless. Certainly no escapism here.


Marita Review:
“The true character of the historical Grace Marks remains an enigma.”

“I have of course fictionalized historical events (as did many commentators on this case who claimed to be writing history). I have not changed any known facts, although the written accounts are so contradictory that few facts emerge as unequivocally ‘known.’”

So says celebrated author, Margaret Atwood, about Grace Marks of whom she wrote this fictional account. And indeed Grace remains an enigma throughout the novel. As other


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