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Matt Review: I am weak. And in my weakness, I finally broke down and purchased A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. It sat on my shelf for awhile, mocking me and my lack of self-control. I was going to continue ignoring it. But then the seventh season of Game of Thrones came and went, and the withdrawal set in. It set in bad. I had to crack the cover; I had to stop the shakes.

I didn't want to, you see? Really I didn't.

I don’t like encouraging bad behavior. I did not want to be a part – however infinitesimally s


Shannon Moore Review: Some books you pick up because they sound entertaining, and some books you pick up because you're already a fan of the author. I'm a relatively new reader to Renee Carlino, have been curious about her writing and kept seeing all of the buzz for this book, so it was definitely on my radar. But then I started and was granted so much more than just a story about two people falling in love. It's about finding yourself, even when you don't know where to start looking. It's about embracing life with a


Abby (Crime by the Book) Review: **DNF** I just couldn’t get into this book, and I don’t want to force myself. There’s nothing glaringly “wrong” with it, I just found it.... slow. I gave it nearly 75 pages but I wasn’t finding myself invested in the characters or the plot - I had that feeling that I had to force myself to keep reading, which is no fun. So I’m just going to set this one aside.



Wow. Wow. Let me start off by saying that this is going to be messy and probably inarticulate. But just go with it. Had to let it out.

Alright. How does one express rage in just a few words? Because in the last quarter of this book (fine, all) - I had to constantly take breaks to calm and compose myself because I was too LIVID and could feel my blood boiling and chest pain arising. Then why, you may ask did I continue?
Because 1) I hate DNFing books. 2) I hone


Loraine Oliver Review: I really enjoyed reading this book! I look forward to reading more by this author.This book had a lot of happy scenes, but by the same token a lot of sad and regretful parts as well. It was hard at first for me to try to understand the main character Marci, as she had loved her friend Jake almost all of her life, and yet she always ran away when things got tough, and this story showed this!The problem was she never took a serious job, she was always a temp. and at the beginning of the book she i


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