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Kat O'Keeffe Review: Epic finale to an epic trilogy! Like with the first two books, I did have some trouble connecting to the writing and the main character, but the fascinating world and thrilling storyline definitely made up for that!

If you want an awesome sci-fi full of plot twists and grittiness and political maneuvering, this is definitely worth checking out!


Lola Reviewer Review: This is the perfect book to read during wintertime, when there is snow falling from the sky and everything feels like magic.

Because this is such a magical and atmospheric book. I am glad the sequel just came out, since I could not see myself reading it under different weather conditions.

I knew close to nothing about Russian culture and folklore, so this was my introduction to the latter. Actually, I had heard of Ivan and Baba Yaga – but that is all and I was ashamed of myself, therefore I am ha


Olga Kowalska (WielkiBuk) Review: Nie sposób nie zauważyć, że w powieści Laeticii Colombanii jest coś banalnego. Jednocześnie, ta historia trzech kobiet splecionych niezwykłością losu, urzeka swoją prostotą i mocą przesłania. Ta prostota połączona z nieskomplikowaną, uniwersalną głębią zrozumiałą dla każdego, to najmocniejsze strony „Warkocza”, dzięki którym bez trudu można zrozumieć, na czym polega fenomen tej opowieści. Jak na światowy bestseller przystało, Laetitia Colombani nie komplikuje fabuły, nie ucieka się do wyrafinowa


Lola Reviewer Review:

‘‘So,’’ she says, looking back at me. ‘‘You are well equipped for our service.’’
‘‘Which is?’’
‘‘We kill people.’’

Everything in this fantasy book approaches perfection.

Maybe I have been bewitched, compelled, but, when I think of this novel, the word ‘‘masterpiece’’ is the first one that comes to my mind. Historical and fantasy make delightful mélanges when the two of them are present in a novel. The story may not have been of the same rare quality as Clockwork Angel, for example, but ther


Erin Clemence Review: Thanks to Simon and Schuster Canada, the author and NetGalley for a free, electronic ARC of this novel received in exchange for an honest review.

“The Wolves of Winter” by Tyrell Johnson is a post-apocalyptic novel, where a young woman has the capacity to save the world. But don’t base whether you read it or not on that statement alone. Comparisons have been made to “Hunger Games” (Suzanne Collins) and this is accurate, however “Wolves” is an entirely novel, creative enterprise worth its own ind


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