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Donovan Review:

"With little power comes little responsibility."

"If there's one thing I hate, it's crappy works of fiction that try to sound important by stealing names from the bard."

For some reason Book One seemed to take its time getting started and it felt kinda dry. This did not. Yorick's cheese ball humor is awesome, the character dynamics are captivating, and the plot points seem less incidental and more consequential. I also found myself caring about the characters more, perhaps due to more development.


emma Review: Ho-ly shit. You guys!


I just managed to get through a book - a whole freaking book - with no blatant sexism, racism, homophobia, girl-on-girl hate, instances of the beloved not like other girls trope, love triangles, flat characters, overused archetypes, that plotline where you discover your power and it’s consuming you, gag-worthy romance, weird writing quirks, overwrought emotion, social issues used to make it seem ~profound~, apocalyptically bad characte


Merinde Review: I was expecting something amazing. This book didn't just let me down, it actually vaguely disgusted me on many, many levels. Yeah, I get that it is a fairy tale of sorts and so doesn't have any obligation to be realistic. That doesn't excuse badly written characters, forced plot turns and badly written conversations though. I mean, just compare this to anything by Gaiman - Anansi Boys and American Gods are also fairytales happening in modern day USA, but manage not to be completely awful. I unde


Amber Robertson Review: DNF @ 5%

I made a promise earlier this year that if a book made an epilepsy joke I would immediately DNF it. Epilepsy jokes aren't funny. Do you know what it's like to wonder if your mum will wake up with brain damage? If she will even remember you? If she will even wake up? My single mother was diagnosed with grand mal seizures almost five years ago. I was 14 at the time. I was a baby. I had to call an ambulance and talk to a paramedic while helping my mum. This wasn't her first seizure (that ha


Maram Review: “Her satellite made one full orbit around Planet Earth every sixteen hours. It was a prison that came with an endlessly breathtaking view— vast blue oceans and swirling clouds and sunrises that set half the world on fire.”

What more can I possibly say about this series that I haven’t already mentioned in Scarlet and Cinder?!

- That Marissa Meyer is an auto-buy author?? Check .
- That her writing makes me feel everything?? Check .
- That this world made me somehow enjoy its dystopian nature?? Ch


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