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1. Title:A Book For Midwives: Care For Pregnancy, Birth, And Women's health

Author: Susan Klein, Suellen Miller, Fiona Thomson

FileType: pdf





Emily Review: In the middle of the night on April 15, 1848, Emily Edmonson and five of her thirteen siblings, sneaked out of their masters' homes in Washington, D.C., and boarded the Pearl. If all went well, they and 70 other slaves would disembark three to five days later at Frenchtown Wharf, Maryland and then travel the 16 miles to Philadelphia, where they would be free.

Unfortunately, when their absence was discovered the next morning, a disgruntled free black man named Judson Diggs, angry that two of the w


destiny ☠ howling libraries Review: It's time for another horror anthology review! I know that, when I wrote my last one, I said I was done with anthologies for a little while, but they always suck me back in, and this one had been calling out to me from my kindle for a while. It kicks off with a story from one of my favorite online horror authors of all time, but I also found some new writers to enjoy (as well as getting to read new work from some other old favorites).

The Girl Who Died by C. K. Walker ←
If you've read my reviews


Alex Criddle Review: This was a unique and well written fairytale retelling of Aladdin. The characters were engaging and definitely made the story what it is. I would probably say this is one of my favorite novels in the series so far. I like that there are references to other places and people we have met throughout the series; it allows for a common thread to be found throughout, but it is not necessary to have read previous novels in the series in order to enjoy the story. I would recommend this novel to anyone w


Andrea Hatfield Review: Augum is a fourteen year old boy who has had it a lot harder in life than most other kids around him. For as long as he can remember he has been an orphan. He's constantly being made fun of and mistreated because of it. Augum loses a lot throughout Arcane but he gains a lot when he befriends Bridget and Leera. Together the three friends are thrust into an epic journey of survival and self discovery.

I can't even describe how cool I thought Arcane was. I enjoyed it so much, I didn't want to put i


Riku Sayuj Review: First and foremost, Good to Great has no breakthrough concepts to offer. Collins is good at inventive metaphors and catch phrases to push concepts through but ultimately there is really nothing counter-intuitive or revolutionary about the results of this study.

That said, the concepts in the book might still be valuable for managers, CEOs and other professionals. Here is a brief summary of the book and a short tour on how to take your company from Good to Great:

Think of this as a time-line to be


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