Сборник арифметических задач и примеров для начальных народных училищ. Год второй.pdf


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1. Title:Сборник арифметических задач и примеров для начальных народных училищ. Год второй

Author: Аржеников К.П.

FileType: djvu





Petra X Review: I enjoyed this book a great deal for the gentle rhythm of observing nature through the summer months and the insights which at some points were hilarious.

Take wood frogs. The problem was to work out why the lads all make such a hell of a racket and then when not as many girls turn up they jump on the ones that do. Why didn't just one call and see if he could attract a single mate?

The answer is that one frog could make a sound that would carry (say) a mile around him but female frogs are not com


Brona's Books Review: 4.5 stars
Wegelius has created a classically told story full of friendship, courage, kindness, determination and loyalty. Sally Jones is a gorilla - yes, a gorilla - who is smart, thoughtful and very talented, but she cannot speak. However Sally Jones can write a little and at the start of this story she learns to type on a 1908 Underwood No. 5 typewriter.

By the end of the first page I completely believed the premise of this tale and having a gorilla as the protagonist seemed perfectly natural. S


Glenn Sumi Review: Isabel Wilkerson’s The Warmth Of Other Suns is one of those rare books that cracks open the world and makes you see everything you thought you knew in a different light.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist chronicles the massive migration of blacks from the Jim Crow South, where racism was still entrenched, to the North and West. This happened from 1915 to 1970 and forever changed the country, especially the makeup of the big cities.

While Wilkerson’s scope is large, and takes in history, labou


Rachel Ramirez Review: This was a nice fast read about two female police detectives who are very good at their jobs. The dialogue between them was great and helped carry the story because of their openness that all unspoken best friends have with each other. The mystery was a topic that sadly has become all too common news stories the past decade. I appreciate that the author didn't make the material so gory that some readers would be upset but still realistic to what happens in these situations. The book felt a littl


Lemony Review: Très jolie bd!
Pour les petits mais pour les grands aussi ( la preuve)
Plein de poésie, de couleurs et des personnages attachants.
Domaine imaginaire très intéressants. Et en prime vous aurez une enquête presque digne de Sherlock...


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