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1. Title:A Software-Defined GPS and Galileo Receiver: A Single-Frequency Approach (Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis)

Author: Kai Borre, Dennis M. Akos, Nicolaj Bertelsen, Peter Rinder, Søren Holdt Jensen

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Birkhäuser Boston




Милен Димитров Review: That ending! It is not that you can't see it coming but damn! I want another volume! I NEED another volume!


Voula Review: I read this book quite some time ago. I generally don't read for enrichment, but this book is well worth it. It really clarified and explained how different kinds of people express their affection. It sure helped me understand others' non verbal communication. It was a good, fairly easy read with lots of wonderful wisdom in it.


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Simona Review: 3.5/5


David Review: In a work heavily influenced by the budding science of memetics (though he never once uses the word meme), Malcom Gladwell seeks to provide a framework for explaining why certain isolated phenomena (suicide in Micronesia, wearing hush puppies, reading a particular novel) can suddenly become widespread and why situations can suddenly swing from one extreme (rampant crime in 80s NYC) to another (the huge drop in crime in that same city during the 90s). Gladwell postulates three mechanisms of cultu


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