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1. Title:Random graphs

Author: Kolchin V.F.

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Angela James Review: Another entertaining adventure!

This book was full of sweet surprises and quirky characters! I really enjoyed this new world that Jovee winters has created. I'm excited for more and leaning all about the special folks that live in Blue Moon. Another entertaining adventure!


Helene Jeppesen Review: 1.5/5 stars.
Okay, this was really bad! Maybe my expectations for this book were a bit too high since I picked it up because it was nominated for Goodreads’ Best Fiction 2017, but I can’t say I understand why it’s on this list. “The Keeper of Lost Things” is, in my opinion, a mediocre and sentimental love story that operates with superficial characters and unbelievable scenes.
For instance, The Keeper of Lost Things turns out to be an old man who collects lost things he finds and then writes dow


karen Review: oh god, somebody buy this girl some perspective! oh wait, you can't because she's dead. and i, for one, am glad of it because this character would have grown up to be a rotten judgmental schoolmarmy horrorshow of an adult. just horrible.

and people love this book like cookies!

backtrack. plot: a girl kills herself. but before she goes, she makes a series of audio cassettes and mails them to an individual, with instructions to pass them along to the next person mentioned on the tapes, which are a c


Seifeddine Ayed Review: ما أجمل أن أبدأ السنة الجديدة مع رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم و ان أكون في حضرته عبر أحاديثه الشريفة المليئة بالدروس و العبر.
كعادته أدهم شرقاوي يسحرني و يشدني باسلوبه الخفيف، حيث ان كتابه هذا هو عبارة على أحاديث الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم، و دروس قد استخرجها من كل حديث..
بعض الاحاديث اعرفها سابقا لكن أدهم أبرز لي منها دروسا لم تخطر ببالي حين سمعتها او قرأتها سابقا، فخاطب قلبي و عقلي و أثر في نفسي في العديد من المواقف .
كتاب قيم جدا ، الا اني اعيب شيئا صغيييرا وهو تكرار بعض الجمل او الامثلة في مخت


Emily May Review:
America was passing her by. New York City was passing her by. Bridges and billboards bearing smiling people were passing her by. Skyscrapers and brownstones were rushing by. Fast. Too fast. Forever.

3 1/2 stars. Ah, this book was a pleasant surprise. I picked Behold the Dreamers for my September Book of the Month read, mostly because none of the others appealed to me. I hadn't any previous plans to read it but, as it happens, it turned out to be an enjoyable read. Full of sadness, hope and - of


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