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1. Title:Hydrocarbon Processing Refining Processes 2000


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Rick Riordan Review: The prose sparkles, and the story itself is a feat of magical acrobatics. It's a hard book to summarize, but basically two ancient magicians set their two best pupils against one another in a magical contest. Its venue? A mysterious circus that only appears at night. The only problem: the contestants don't really know the rules, or how victory is determined. And when the contestants start falling in love which each other, things get complicated.


Ashley Review: What you need to know about Space Mac is that it is one hundred percent a space adventure. You get thrust into a universe, just as lost and confused as Mac is BUT when it all starts to unfold, that’s when it gets good. I almost gave up on this in the beginning because I couldn’t get into the first few pages (yes, I’m that reader when it comes to sci-fi) but as soon as Mac met up with the crew? That action drew me in.

So before the good, here’s the bad. I felt that there was something missing. I n


Lisa Kay Review: This one came out in eBook in January, 2013!

a) Neligh Mills in Neligh, Nebraska.
    An old flour mill along the Elkhorn River,
    beautifully preserved.
b) A Danish immigrant built this wind-powered grist mill
    near Boelus.
c) Map of the Great Plains State
d) Pastoral Nebraska.


★★★★✩ Too Tall Thea has been passed over for love. . . or has she? Enter a man statuesque enough to see eye-to-eye with Thea on the welfare of his niece. Add his obvious appreciation of Thea’s giving nature,


Laurie Review: Interest Level: 5-8

Have you ever known someone who loved comedy so much that they acted out and quoted television shows and movies all the time? Yeah, me neither, but Noah and Dash were two peas in a pod, they did everything together, including acting out skits from their favorite slap-stick comedy movies. What makes it even more fun is that Dash's dad, Gil, was always right there with them. However, comedy doesn't always last, especially when tragedy strikes. Can Noah and Dash's friendship with


Laura (Book Scrounger) Review: This book is cute... my five-year-old enjoyed it, and we both really liked the whimsical illustrations. While there have been clever "meta" picture books that I've enjoyed, I found this form of self-deprecating meta (i.e. initially telling the reader that there's no point in reading the book) somewhat off-putting. Of course, something does eventually happen and I can see how discovering the story is part of the story... but the self-referential aspect seemed overdone in this case.

(Thanks to NetG


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