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Robin Leslie Coxon Review: Annapolis Summer by Linda Heavner Gerald is a wonderfully written book dealing with the issue of bullying. The main character, Anna Polis, allows us to feel her fear, anger, and raw emotions as she traverses through her years beginning at the age of 13. She allows us to see inside her life as she deals with hateful people, betrayal, adolescence, and disease. I found the plot and storyline drew me deeper to the point of not being able to take a break until I had finished the book. In my opinion,


Anna Swedenmom Review: Okay okay, arguably a four... BUT, I so loved the heroine in this story. Her heart, her determination, her strength. I had to give five stars. While it can be said it is a well known type of story line, I think the author did a great job with it. I enjoyed her characters, as well as the way it is written. I think she has a fresh writing style that makes it work. It is a book that is a good read! So buy and sit and enjoy for it is easy to lose yourself in the story. I will look for more from this


Cmeo Review: Lâu lắm mới đọc lại chú Ánh và lần này không còn cảm thấy gượng khi đọc văn chú, khác hẳn so với Cho tôi xin một vé đi tuổi thơ hay Tôi là Bêtô (2 cuốn gần nhất mà mình đọc NNA).

Truyện nhẹ nhàng, giản dị đến có phần ngô nghê như dụ trẻ con, nhưng nội dung thì lại dễ dàng dụ người lớn vừa đọc vừa cười khúc khích. Đáng yêu ra phết. Mèo-chuột-chim sống trong một lâu đài, vừa cổ tích, vừa ngụ ngôn mà cũng vừa đời thường ra phết. Cổ tích ở tòa lâu đài với hoàng hậu, nhà vua, rồi thì lại công chúa. N


Tena Barnes Review: A sweet little read

Connie just felt like she,well she really didn't know why she felt so angry. When the healer told to move to town and see if that would help her. She thought that was a good ideal and she did. Looking for a job was a little harder than she thought. But Gerri can through for her and got her a temp job. Rocky was a baker and a loner. Connie had a funny feeling and she didn't know what it was. It was funny how the author wrote all the feeling that the characters had.


Renee Review: Pure drivel. This book read like a Betty Crocker recipe gone bad: take one all-American Jesus lovin’/fearing family, add one unexplainable tragedy, mix with equal parts anger , guilt and sadness , bake for three weeks and get a bitter man who has turned his back on God. Alias, no need to give up, because God writes our hero a personalized note, and tells him to meet him in “the shack” (the place of his daughter’s murder), funny thing is, god is a black woman cooking pancakes in the kitchen who s


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