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1. Title:Calculus, Volume I: One-Variable Calculus, with an Introduction to Linear Algebra

Author: Tom M. Apostol

FileType: pdf

Publisher:John Wiley & Sons





Rachael Review: WOW! Just wow...more's 1:37 AM...sleep lost, but a beautiful story gained!


Jess Review: I am a sucker for second chances. I am a sucker for friends to lovers stories. I am a sucker for any book that can evoke emotions like FRACTURED LOVE by Ella James did for me.

Being introduced to new authors is always very exciting for me. This is a first for me by James, and I can honestly say it wont be the last. Her writing is flawless, it flows beautifully, and she really knows how to capture the essence of love on the page.

My heart broke and rejoiced on so many occasions for our two mains.


Emma Andje Review: I loved the first book in this Graphic Novel duology, which is why I am filled with remorse to admit that this second installation ruined it for me. The first book is easily marketable for early-elementary and middle school readers. Volume 2, on the other hand, is too violent with aliens being slaughtered, chopped up, cooked, and served to judges for me to recommend it to a younger audience. But, the story and the presentation may be too young for an older (high school) audience. This makes it d


Lindsay Review: This is my first book of Ela's that I have read and I absolutely loved it! Although the book is aimed at children adults would certainly still very much enjoy this book. The characters are well developed and very likeable, well maybe not all of them, but that's what makes it such a fantastic start to this story. I cannot wait to read more of Lara, Xan and co.


Anom Astika Review: Awal tahun 1990 an aku membaca buku ini ketika terbit untuk pertama kalinya. Seorang kawan meminjamkan buku yang baru dibawanya dari Amerika. Jarak seminggu dua minggu kemudian kami mulai berdiskusi tentang isi buku yang ditulis oleh ahli Indonesia dari Cornell University, Ben Anderson. Beberapa dari isi buku ini adalah artikel artikel yang sudah pernah dimuat dalam jurnal Prisma, seperti artikel yang berjudul Sumbah, Sembah dan Serapah misalnya. Sejam dua jam berlalu, sang kawan lalu menawariku


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