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1. Title:Educator's Companion to Children's Literature, Volume 1: Mysteries, Animal Tales, Books of Humor, Adventure Stories, and Historica L Fiction (Serial)

Author: Sharron L. McElmeel

FileType: epub

Publisher:Libraries Unlimited




Leonard Gaya Review: This book stems from an idea that is at the same time thought-provoking, insane and very tangible. That is probably the reason why it is so scary. It is a classic of the victorian era, but for some reason probably not as famous as many other fictions of the “gothic” movement and indeed not as well known as a few other novels by H.G. Wells (such as The Time Machine, The Invisible Man or The War of the Worlds). But it definitely deserves to be read again today.

The plot is rather simple: a castaway


Emily Review: The 17 year old protagonist of this novel has been moved with her family by the witness protection program because her dad is basically a moron. She's not terribly bright herself, as she makes several obvious mistakes that lead the people searching for them right to their location. A juvenile or young adult reader may be more entertained by the story, but I was mostly just calling her an idiot in my head the whole time.
I have read other books by this author before and enjoyed them. I was excited


Susan Swiderski Review: I'm glad this book isn't longer, because there's no way I was going to bed until I completed it last night.

This is one of those books that punches you right in the gut. Having a nebulous idea that "things are tough" in North Korea is one thing, but reading someone's harrowing first-hand account of just HOW horrible it is takes that understanding to a whole new level. The appalling and dehumanizing conditions under which people have been living in this isolated country will break your heart, and


Myriam Review: This book continues about a week after the end of the first book and it continues with the same fast and intense pace. My biggest problem here is giving a fair review without any spoilers. I refused to read the summary, so I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen from the beginning, and I absolutely loved being surprised all the time.
In the first book, it is pretty obvious what was going to happen and most of the book was in preparation and anticipation of the great event, but here thin


Geizy Review: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The Facts and Fictions of Minna Pratt is about a young girl who is searching for her vibrato. During the whole book she goes through many struggles such as, her fingers can't reach the third string on her Cello, her parents dont pay as much attention to her as thier suppose too, and falling in love with the Violinist, Lucas. But at the end everything turns out to be perfec. Her parents went to the competion, she got her vibrato and her crush is now like her best friend. I can relate to Minna be


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