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1. Title:Advances in Environmental Control Technology: Health and Toxicology (Advances in Environmental Control Technology)

Author: Paul Cheremisinoff

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Gulf Professional Publishing





Judy Collins Review: 4.5 Stars #1 New York Times bestselling author, John Grisham returns following Camino Island with his 25th novel THE ROOSTER BAR — a legal thriller exploring conspiracies inside for-profit law schools and the lives it destroys in this modern-day scandal ripped from today’s headlines.

Inspired by an article in the Atlantic called “The Law-School Scam,” a lengthy investigation of for-profit law schools, the author takes off an inside look at corruption in the legal field and student loans.



Claire Fuller Review: Really enjoyable and thought-provoking read about five women in a version of the United States where abortion and IVF are banned, and all adoptions must be by couples (which doesn't seem so far from reality). The story ticked over quickly, and I found the structure very easy to get into (many short sections - some of which are about an Icelandic explorer). All of them find the courage to stand up for what they want, rather than agreeing to what they are told they should want.


Rajat Ubhaykar Review: I call anything sounding grand and oh-so-awesome but actually meaning squat a Richard Bach quote. Illusions, to summarize, is a compendium of such quotes.

However, I gave the book two stars only because it is consistent with the philosophy it preaches. The idea that the book is saying anything of consequence is an illusion and you are the one attaching any reality and importance to it.

The book might have had some 'message', but I was too busy smell-proofing my mind from all the shit flying aroun


Rachel McKitterick Review: *thank you to NetGalley and Diamond Book Distributors for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

2.5 stars.
I just couldnt get into this. Its a collection of short stories retold in manga style. Here we have, Featuring Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, The Two Brothers, The Twelve Hunters, Snow White, The Frog King, Puss in Boots, and The Singing, and Springing Lark.

I have heard of most of them, such as 'The Two Brothers', 'The Twelve Hunters', 'The Frog King', 'T


Miss Ravi Review: تا هجدهم تیر که روز ملی ادبیات کودک و نوجوان است، هر روز باید نویسندههای این حوزه را با آثارشان مرور کنم. یک توفیق اجباری شاید.
من تا قبل از این، ماهی سیاه کوچولو را نخوانده بودم. سهم منوچهر احترامی و مهدی آذریزدی در کودکیام زیاد است و من از صمد بهرنگی بینصیب. اشارههایی در سیاست اگر داشت من که هیچ نفهمیدم، همانطور که سیاست را. اما این ماهی سیاه کوچولو عجب باهوش است و زرنگ و از لوسبازیهای بچگانه بیزار. یکبار هم دلش برای مادرش و خانهشان تنگ نشد. برخلاف شخصیتهایی که اغلب برای بیرون رفتن از خانه و گ


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