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1. Title:The Endometrium: Molecular, Cellular and Clinical Perspectives, 2nd edition (Reproductive Medicine & Assisted Reproductive Techniques)

Author: John D. Aplin, Asgerally T. Fazleabas, Stanley R. Glasser, Linda C. Giudice

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Informa Healthcare





switterbug (Betsey) Review: This is as much a nuanced family drama, love story, and social inquisition as it is a murder/courtroom/legal thriller. If you can get past a few contrived plot points (this is where readers will divide), and engage with the narrator, whose reliability or unreliability is a puzzle to piece together, you will be satisfied with this warm yet dark story of a community and family unhinged by a violent crime. The author is a former DA who is skilled at informing the reader about the law and procedure


KC Review: Set in 1890 Washington, 12 year old Joseph Johnson has nearly lost everything. His mother and sister to typhoid and his pa to an unexpected wagon accident. He still has his horse, Sarah, until one day he returns to his caregivers home only to find that his pony was sold. This is the epic tale of Joseph's pursuit in finding and getting Sarah back. Having to forge his way though the rough terrain of the Cascade Mountains, facing harsh weather and the dangers of others, the kindness of a Chinese bo


Carrie Review: One morning a man is out walking his dog when the dog seems to see something to get him worked up so investigating further the man comes across a young girl in the icy water. When he sees the girl move a bit he jumps into action calling for help and jumping in to save her and perform CPR until the authorities arrive and take over.

After being revived Natasha has no memory of what landed her in the freezing water that morning that lead to her being dead for thirteen minutes. She really can't reme


حسام عادل Review: "قالت لزوجها يومًا وهي تتجهَّز للخروج: سأذهب لزيارة جارتنا الأمريكية..لقد أسلمتْ
اعتدل منتبهًا.برقتْ عيناه وهو يقول بترقبٍ: على أي مذهب؟
قالت مبتسمة في إشفاق: على مذهب زوجها أكيد!
تراجع محبطًا.هسَّ من بين أسنانه بضيق: ليتها بقيت على نصرانيتها أفضل لها!".

أعتقد أن هذا الموقف يلخص كل شىء في الرواية
في زمنٍ أضحى فيه الحال كهذا,انقسم الدين الواحد شيعًا وأحزابًا,وازدادتْ فيه شروخ المرآة التي كانت يومًا آية في الجمال والصقل..
ربما تفهم لحظتذاك من أين استقى السنعوسي نبوءته التي تنذر بالويل القادم!.
الأحداث مر


Florence (Lefty) MacIntosh Review: I should have loved this; 1st novel, Canadian author, great reviews, southern historical fiction, I was stoked. Maybe that was my problem; overly high expectations the kiss of death. I'll attempt to explain why I rated it so low:

• Boring protagonist; weepy, passive women just irritate me now. I used to be more tolerant; I’ll put this down to aging...
• I read similar books when I was younger, nothing fresh here
• It's a pager turner but the plot was pretty obvious; good story that I wish hadn't m


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