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New Fictions

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Jake Porter Review: Ehhhhhh. Had some really cool and striking parts, but that's it. Lines here and there. The book as a whole was just plain baffling, even knowing the context. Not in a generative way either. Just baffling. I found the explanations in the "Log" section more self-absorbed and masturbatory than helpful.


Helen 2.0 Review: Many people are raving about this series, but I couldn't get passionate about it. While reading Falling Kingdoms, I often got a gut feeling that something was off about the book but I had difficulty pinpointing the origin of that feeling. It was an instinctive reaction. I've mulled it over and will try to put the reason into words without sounding too harsh. I can't name specifics because it's been a few months since I finished this and I've been suppressing the memories.

There are two kinds of a


Whitney Atkinson Review: 4.5 stars

everything hurts and i'm crying

This book just makes you take 10 seats. It's a story I can't even fathom being in. It's like an actual dystopia. Everything was so outrageous and haunting that it was almost unbelievable.

What I found myself enjoying was not just Yeonmi finding physical freedom outside the borders of North Korea and the human trafficking industry, but the mental freedom of learning how to be opinionated and advocating for others' rights. This book is so touching, but so sa


jonathan rose Review: Like last gasp a brilliantly executed work of fiction that is gripping to the end, showing complex psychological depth of knowledge

That makes the characters so real that u empathise with them and love\hate them depending on who they are
and what context they are to that part of the tale.


Linda Kage Review:


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