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New Fictions

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Diane S ☔ Review: I have never read anything before, fictional or not, about these murders though of course I have heard the rhyme. This is a very interesting take on the Borden family and the murders of the two elder Bordens. Emma, ten years older than Lizzie, a young woman who has had to take on the role as main confidante and caregiver of a younger Lizzie. She promised her mother on her deathbed and Lizzie took full advantage of this promise. Emma, though was not in the house during the times of the murders. L


Michael Hirsch Review: this book convincingly shows that there is a big difference between intelligence and rationality. intelligence tests like the SAT test whether the subject can successfully manipulate symbols in a test taking situation, but makes no attempt to answer the more interesting question as to whether the subject would be likely to make good decisions in real life. It turns out that rationality is, at best, only slightly correlated to intelligence.

The author does a good job of making the case, but in a n


Tracy Riva Review: Motion to Kill
By Joel Goldman

Lou Mason is a lawyer with a case to prove. When Lou's partner Richard Sullivan is killed, Lou is among the suspects. Then Lou is assigned the job of going through his dead partner's files to find out what kind of funny business was going on between the firm Lou works for and a client, O'Malley, who is under criminal investigation. Only Lou is good at his job and begins to find out more than anyone wanted him to know, as the body count rises so does Lou's evidence of


RandomAnthony Review: (Ok, first off, there are going to be minor spoilers/hints in this review…read at your own risk, although I’ll try not to reveal too much.)

Outlander is a damn good book. Sure, the book has a blue fake leather cover, costs four bucks, and screams “spinning rack at the airport bookstore”. I approached the text with suspicion but found myself invested in the language and storyline within the first hundred pages. Here’s why:


1. The characterizations of Jamie and Claire,


Kerry Review: In her acknowledgements, Margot Livesey writes that her literary inspiration for this tale should be clear. I would argue that "inspiration" is too weak a word for the novel whose events are, with very few exceptions, scrupulously followed from start (the orphaned niece hiding behind the curtains reading a book about birds) to finish (reconciliation with the metaphorical lord of the manor). Because Gemma Hardy is retracing Jane Eyre's footsteps, reading this book became more an exercise in remem


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