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Adam Dalva Review: Kinetic, trashy, slapdash, and completely addictive. Wolff's prose is uneven but he is very good at keeping the eye moving across the page, and in this he is perhaps helped by the book's failing: this is very padded out with stuff we already know (the long profiles of Kushner, Bannon, and Conway have no revelations in them.) But the gossip is gold, though the depictions of the characters have an unfortunate tendency toward lazy meanness. I don't need a description of Bannon as "on the spectrum,"


Kayla Pipkin Review: Loved this story!

Evelyn isn’t your average woman.
For one, she is a gargoyle. A fairly young one at that.
She didn’t grow up among her kind, but did learn that is was her species responsibility to protect the humans by policing the supernaturals.
For almost 50 years, Evie has had treaties in place between the species in Chicago.
When multiple deaths caused by demons show up in her hometown, the last thing she expects is for another gargoyle to show up.
Much less a team of four of them.
Evelyn learns


Holly B Review: Who's that woman in the window?

Dr. Anna Fox has spent the past 10 months inside her NY home. Her home is her safe place and she is too afraid to venture outside her door.

She entertains herself daily with the following activities:
-downing bottles of Merlot and popping pills prescribed by her physician
-following the lives of her neighbors through the lens of her camera
-playing online chess
-watching black and white films from her large collection of DVDs/mostly Hitchcock with some themes that may


Mirek Jasinski Review: It took me just under two years to get through this book. Judging by the number of pages the author can talk the walk, but can he walk the talk? Did not lift me up, so doubt it. Pity, as the subject is very... hmm... uplifting?


Diane Review: Great read!...about understanding and finding out his past upbringing,life and history....(paperback!)


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