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New Fictions

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Melanie Review:

“I imagine all wars look the same to those who die in them.”

First off, Leigh Bardugo is honestly the queen of writing and I’m not sure what any of us did to deserve her, but I am forever and always going to count her as a blessing. This story is so beautifully written, and I had to tab so many pages with powerful quotes. Leigh also always writes diverse casts that I fall instantly in love with. Like, when do I get a full book about Nim? Because I need that in my life immediately.

Diana – Wh


Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede Review: The year is 1923, Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes is at their home in Sussex Downs busy with their studies. Russell with theology and Holmes with some chemical experiments. Then they are visited by amateur archaeologist Miss Dorothy Ruskin with a startling puzzle for them. She has found in the Holy Land a roll of papyrus with a message from Mary Magdalene. A couple of days is Miss Ruskin killed in a traffic accident. But was it really an accident.

The case in this book is intriguing with an anc


Jessie Review: As I wrote in my comments about the first book in this series, Song in the Silence: The Tale of Lanen Kaelar, the Lanen Kaelar series has gotten a lot of great reviews. The author has an interesting and original take on dragons, demons, and gods. She depends heavily on the writing technique of changing P-O-Vs.

I prefer a book which contains a balanced mix of descriptive narrative and both external and internal dialog. Kerner fills the pages with unending, redundant dialog using bold and italic te


Monnie Review: Colonel Mustard in the kitchen with a candlestick!

Well, actually it was in the library, as the title suggests, and I won't reveal who did it or with what weapon. But the whole scenario of this fun-to-read book is reminiscent of the popular game of Clue played in the middle of an Agatha Christie mystery.

It goes something like this: Bernie Rhodenbarr, a New York City bookstore owner and part-time thief, plans a romantic getaway to Cuttleford House, an old-fashioned bed-and-breakfast in upstate New


Beck Review: Let me start with the least important thing: I love that there's a side story about the sisters! (Already pegged Hasune as a hottie, and now I discover she has an inner cuteness radar).

I like the back-and-forth dynamic and chemistry between the two boys. I also like that Tokumaru looks sort of like a typical high school student or something: a slightly clueless, easily angered, mostly well-intentioned, kind of spacey, jock-ish type. I don't find that type particularly attractive, but it's nice t


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