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Jokoloyo Review: After I read the first 3 volumes, and reading the fourth, I got impatient and jump through the last volume. The clue/info dump of the arch enemy is already clear on volume 3.

The characters and plots are standard for shounen manga, Can't say much about it. I have concern with the storytelling. The manga choosed the mystery style, with revealing the facts/background gradually. But the mysterious arch enemy is revealed too soon, and additional minor characters for sub-plots are seems generated lat


Madhav Review: Yet another Marvel from our own Mythology Queen Anuja Chandramouli.We have read many stories about Ganesha ,but not much about Kartikeya.It is well written lyrical poetic .I thoroughly enjoyed this book.Must read for Hindu Mythology lovers.


Doyle Review: This book reads like a desperate letter from Peter Hogan to DC, begging them to let him continue his Terra Obscura: Volume 1 title he inherited from Alan Moore (and quickly sank). The story is essentially a string of introductions so that Hogan can say "Hey, remember [this character that is an homage to some established Silver Age hero] from this series?" [Homage character] quickly tells his origin story then says goodbye 2 pages later without furthering the plot at all. This happens for the mid


M. Review: Bu kitabın değindiği konulara değinen Kozmos, Üçüncü Şempanze gibi şahane kitaplar varken bu kitabın bir yılı aşkın süredir en çok satan kitap olmasının altındaki sebebi çözemiyorum.

Başlarda güzel giden (bilimsel ifadeler, kaynak gösterme, objektif anlatım, konu bütünlüğü) kitap giderek subjektifleşmeye ve çizgisini bozmaya başlıyor.

Normatif ifadeler, empirik yöntemler dışında sezgiye dayalı aksiyomlar... Alenen propagandası yapılan Kapitalist söylem de cabası.

Büyük bir heves ve şevkle başladım


Sean Review: Maybe 4.5


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