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Christy Review: 4 stars!

I've read all of Harper Sloan's books, and while it's safe to say she can write a bad-ass alpha male, I wondered… can she write a cowboy? The answer... yes. Yes she can. Lost Rider is a book I would recommend to all fans of cowboys or alpha males. Maverick Davis starts out as a brooding cowboy, but he's got a heart of gold underneath it all. The best kind of alpha- a damaged hero!

Leighton James has loved the same man since she was a teen. That man has not been easy to love. He’s crushe


Devann Review: I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

These might be a little bit short for some people, but I really enjoyed them. This book retells many of Grimm's popular fairytales but puts fun [and definitely manga-ish] twists on them. I was actually not familiar with several of these stories [The Two Brothers, The Singing Springing Lark, and the Twelve Huntsman] so it was nice to see a few fairytales that don't get covered a lot as well as the standard ones lik


Greg Review: I'm in a few week period where I can read anything I'd like, and I have been using that time to read new books that I am not necessarily all that excited for. For a change I decided, I'm going to read something I've been meaning to read and that I'll enjoy and life will be good. So I picked The Double, the newest novel by George Pelecanos, which I've been meaning to get around to for almost a year.

I only have an ARC, but the always wonderful Karen got it for me at last year's BEA and it's inscr


Artemas Review: Absolutely amazing. Anyone interested in ancient history or military fiction simply must read "Gates of Fire." By Zeus, this is one of those books that everyone should read, regardless of what their favorite genre is. Steven Pressfield has an amazing gift for transplanting the reader into his era of choice.

I could attempt to spend hours writing a witty review, but ultimately it would not do this book justice. So do yourself a favor and add it to your "To Read" shelf, or the gods will surely curs


Patricia Review: Clementine might want to reconsider claiming that she has arthritis---she just might get her wish, thus joining over 300,000 children--including babies-- who have the dreadfully painful and debilitating disease in real life. It is a horrible, horrible, horrible disease. I know my now ten year old daughter has been fighting it since she was a baby. Her fight has included countless medical tests, blood work, shots of chemotherapy drugs, countless pills taken several times a day, physical therapy,


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