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1. Title:An English Teacher's Handbook of Educational Terms / Пособие по педагогической терминологии

Author: Povey J., Walshe I. Поуви Дж., Уолш И.

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Ted Review: Loved it

As I have a familial connection to Loch Garman, I truly enjoyed this "what might have happened" story. That it was the continuation of the Night Wolf saga is just a bonus. Great character development and it leaves you wanting more. Can't wait until the next installment.


Romanzo per ragazzi, e per adulti. Lettura per tutti.
Romanzo picaresco, quindi d’avventura, di viaggio.
Ma anche romanzo di spionaggio, racconto mistico, d’iniziazione…
Romanzo intriso di speranza, di fiducia nella possibilità, un inno alla gioia: è gioia leggerlo e gioia è quella che comunica e trasmette.

Il suo nome completo è Kimball O’Hara: è l’orfano di un sergente irlandese che ha sposato in India la governante della famiglia di un colonnello inglese, sua ma


[Shai] The Bibliophage Review: This children's story has a cute story, but the moral lesson is quite vague. I read this for the second time; I have to think carefully after, so I can be able to come up with what message this book wants to say.

I suppose that it's up to the reader's comprehension on how he or she can interpret the story. And from what I understand, it is about how honesty — to return things to their rightful owner just like the boy did.

Another lesson hidden is instead of being pessimistic, just like what was


Dan Schwent Review: Sherlock Holmes sets aside his cocaine addiction for a case. A young woman has been receiving pearls in the mail once a year for four years and now has a chance to meet her mysterious benefactor. Can Holmes and Watson figure out what's really going on without being ensnared in a web of deceit and murder?

I read this with those scamps in the Non-crunchy Cool Classics group.

So, Sherlock Holmes. For years, Holmes has been akin to H.P. Lovecraft for me in that I'm a much bigger fan of the works they


Isamlq Review: My name is Tessa. I am strong. I am brave. I do not cry. These are the only things I know for certain..

Thyla may be the third book of YA in two weeks that touches on memory (either forgetting or being forgotten.) The first half is Tessa piecing things together. She is discovered in the bush, sort of adopted by this policewoman, and then sent to a boarding school. Her inability to remember and her numerous questions about what she didn't know had me divided. Sure, I found her refreshing at first


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