История слов : Ок.1500 слов и выражений и более 5000 слов, с ними связ.pdf


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1. Title:История слов : Ок.1500 слов и выражений и более 5000 слов, с ними связ

Author: Виноградов, Виктор Владимирович

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Beth (YA Books Central) Review: The Hundredth Queen is by far one of my favorite books of 2017. I received an ARC of this incredible book before it even had a cover and I was completely obsessed after just reading one chapter. I am one of those readers who is usually drawn to a book because of the cover so when I received this book I read it just because the synopsis sounded intriguing.....and WOW am I happy that I gave this book a chance! The Hundredth Queen blew me away.....I literally could not put the book down and finishe


Emer Review: Wow.

Sometimes there are books that come along and shake you to your core. This is one such book. My friend Gabby has talked about how great this book is for as long as I've known her here on Goodreads but she's got the dodgiest taste in books ever!!! Sorry Gabby but you do and I say this with love... But then I read one of her other favs over the summer and subsequently I rated it highly so that got me thinking that maybe she wasn't completely delusional


Elyse Review: This is a tale that makes you appreciate life!

I vote *OVE* as 'character-of-the-year'! The author has created the most memorable character to be found in a novel --in years.

*OVE*, is an unassuming man. He likes routines, and rules. He's an honest man. Doesn't smile and give compliments -- but he's a man of integrity.

To watch OVE grow - heal the loss of his wife -and allow his neighbors to love him (and love them back) -- is is a treasure.

This book has great humor & great heart!

Its a perso


Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin Review: Yes ❤


Mehsi Review: After thinking for a bit, I have decided to downrate this volume from 5 stars to 3. The overdramatic stuff, the fact it was all about an Ayane that was just too meh.

Yes, this whole volume was about Ayane. Normally she is one of those characters I really like, but in this one? I didn't care much about her. I know, this might sound cruel, but how she pushed away people, the things she said, the whole boohooo I am bad/selfish etc., it just felt overdramatic and totally didn't fit the Ayane I had in


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