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1. Title:Towns and Temples Along the Mississippi

Author: David H. Dye, Cheryl Anne Cox, Phyllis A. Morse, Ian W. Brown, Dr. Marvin T. Smith, Dr. Dan F. Morse, Charles Hudson, R. Barry Lewis, Professor Stephen Williams, James B. Griffin, Chester B. DePratter, Michael P. Hoffman, George J. Armelagos, Cassandra M. Hill, James F. Price, Cynthia R. Price, Gerald Smith, George Fielder, Mary Lucas Powell

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Publisher:University Alabama Press





Kirsten Review: this book wrecked me. i wanted to read it over again immediately.


Mohammed Ali Review: مقدمة كامو- سنعوسية :

- أرأيت ( قال الأول )؟ إنّها تخرج
قال الثاني :
- نعم ، لقد التقط جارنا أربعة منها .
ثم أخذ الأوّل يفرك يديه وهو يقول :
-إنّها تخرج ( يقصد الفئران ) و يعثرون عليها في كلّ منزل، في كلّ شارع، في كلّ مدينة . إنّها الفتنة !
قال الثاني
- أمر غريب بالفعل !!
صرخ الأول :
- إنّها الكارثة !

حكاية شعبية :

كان يا مكان .. في قديم الزمان، كانت هناك مزرعة، يحكمها رجلان، الأول اسمه سنان والثاني اسمه شعلان، صديقان عزيزان يعيشان في سعادة وفرح بعيدا عن الأتراح والأحزان.
ولكن في يوم من الأيام .. دخ


Kerry Review: In her acknowledgements, Margot Livesey writes that her literary inspiration for this tale should be clear. I would argue that "inspiration" is too weak a word for the novel whose events are, with very few exceptions, scrupulously followed from start (the orphaned niece hiding behind the curtains reading a book about birds) to finish (reconciliation with the metaphorical lord of the manor). Because Gemma Hardy is retracing Jane Eyre's footsteps, reading this book became more an exercise in remem


Maureen Review: Definitely one of the creepiest books I've ever read - SHOULD NOT HAVE READ IT AT NIGHT.
The art was beautiful and the stories were really great. Honestly, some of them, while being creepy, could be a metaphor for mental illness/depression (in a twisted way, yes, but still metaphors) which I found really interesting. Overall a really compelling read with a lot of different elements - most of them being TERRIFYING.


Catriona (LittleBookOwl) Review: This book was so beautiful and haunting. I fell in love with so many of the characters, and loved how their lives were weaved together. Knowing the time period this was set in, I knew the ending would hurt. And it did, though I didn't shed as many tears as I expected.
The writing was incredible, the descriptions so vivid. It did a superb job of showing the reader how the characters felt through their actions, rather than telling. Whilst the short chapters (on average 1.5 pages) helped to make thi


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