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1. Title:Основная теорема арифметики

Author: Калужкин

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Cecily Review: The Country Doctor is the title of one of the stories published in a collection of the same name. They are also included in some versions of The Metamorphosis.

The New Advocate

A short, surreal animal story: a war horse gives up war to become a lawyer!

A Country Doctor

A disturbing story, with nightmarish unreality (magical realism, even?), coupled with sinister snow (as in The Castle) and a suffering child.

The doctor has to get to the child, but the snow is heavy and he is without a horse. Yet som


Vonia Review: Oh, Anthony Bourdain... How I love you! I have no idea why it took me so long to read his very first memoir. Amazing, hilarious, witty, educational, enlightening, entertaining, intriguing, original, honest... This should be mandatory reading for every first year CIA student. For anyone unfamiliar with this use, that is The Culinary Institutes Of America, Bourdain's Alma Mater, not The Central Intelligence Agency. Of course, (Fortunately? Unfortunately?, although I was not in the industry long en


Nerdy Dirty & Flirty Review: description
When I started to read Desire by author Max Henry I was ready to put on some porno music, settle back and enjoy a little taboo action with a hot father's best friend older man/barely legal girl story. After just a few short pages I knew I wouldn't be getting the run of the mill slutty story I was hoping for. Instead I was holding something deeper, something better that had me intrigued.

The heroine is Belle, who has had a difficult childhood facing abandonment issues stemming from her mother. I w


Marjorie Lindsey Review: A beautifully written story of families and relationships. The author has taken the time to understand and acknowledge the history, sadness, humor and love in an era that is often forgotten, even by relatives. A truly Canadian story that can be appreciated by anyone.


Karen Akins Review: I had the opportunity to read an early version of this, and OH MY GOODNESS. Vilonia is such a fun, adorable, spunky kid. This book is hilarious and heartwarming, and I can't wait for Vilonia Beebe to take the world by storm. :)


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