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1. Title:Легко и быстро учимся вязать

Author: В.В.Махно

FileType: djvu





Ana-Maria Negrilă Review: O carte bine documentată, cu personaje mai bine realizate decât în alte romane ale autorului. Acțiune puțină și previzibilă, dar lumea creată este destul de interesantă ca să stârnească interesul. Fără să fie extraordinară, este o lectură plăcută.


Tabitha Review: Am very much enjoying this!

I think one of the tings I like about this series is that there is considerable intellect involved, both in the characters of Russell and Holmes themselves, and in the manner in which the mystery is solved.

In this 3rd installment we see the continuing development of Russell as Holmes' assistant, partner, and wife, and the evolution of the relationship between the two of them.The mysterious Mary M. letter, and it's implications, reflects the character of Russell, her re


Wealhtheow Review: Ironside follows shortly after the events of Tithe and Valiant. Roiben was a loyal knight of the Seelie Queen, even after she sent him to serve her sister, the Queen of the Unseelie Court. After countless years of torment and cruelty, he brought about the Unseelie Queen's death and now presides over her court. At his coronation, he sets an impossible quest for his lover, the pixie Kaye, to keep her safe from the war between the courts. Of course Kaye will have none of this romantic nonsense, and


Leticia Review: Brought me to tears towards the end. Each scenario painted a picture of how his life was brought up as a child. As the author bounces from past to present. Not being loved by his mother. Mistreat it by Bruce and Connor. Giving him nightmares of his past. Losing his father. Meeting two friends Colin and Matt. That see him as a brother. Playing with them golf and eating together for lunch or dinner. Everywhere Anthony goes woman melts underneath him. Blake is concern about something he founds out.


April (Aprilius Maximus) Review: Awwwwww this was so sweet. There were some parts where I found myself skim reading or skipping altogether (the fashion chapter coz BORING) but I really, really enjoyed this and I love Lauren's voice and sense of humour!


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