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New Fictions

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1. Title:Objectivity

Author: Lorraine J. Daston, Peter Galison

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Zone Books





Samantha Ania Review: 4.5 stars. I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING. Okay, fine, I'm crying, this book is beautiful. Probably especially if you are a long time fan of Calvin and Hobbes but also hopefully if you aren't.


Emanuela Piceni Review: Siamo arrivati al fatidico epilogo e quello che provo ora non succede spesso, anzi di rado.
Come ho già detto nelle prime recensioni, una volta iniziata la lettura di questa serie non si riesce più a lasciarla, Rya e tutta la banda diventano di famiglia, e i luoghi in cui si svolgono le vicende diventano i luoghi in cui la tua fantasia cerca dimora.
In questo quarto capitolo troviamo una Rya donna, pronta a combattere, che finalmente accetta ciò che è e abbatte le ultime barriere che ancora la ten


Paul Review: Filler. Nothing but.


Scott Review: OVERVIEW:

Deep Work was a solid self-help/productivity book. Being a podcast junkie, I had heard the majority of things that Newport preaches in his book. However, I really appreciated his practical applications of how to enter into Deep Work, or 'the zone' as I call it.


In Deep Work, the author tells a story of a young consultant who automates his work responsibilities using Excel macros. He then studied computer programming to increase his worth in the workforce. I, too, am a cons


Arto Bendiken Review: A quick read. This is a decent first novel by the author, but not spectacular. Avogadro is, obviously, a fictional parallel to Google. As technological singularities go, the premise here wasn't wholly ludicrous to begin with, but does get increasingly so as the storyline develops.

The character development leaves something to be desired; it isn't likely that you'll identify with the blockheaded protagonists of the story, and grumpy old luddite Gene Keyes ends up being probably the most sympatheti


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