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1. Title:Организационная платформа всеобщего союза анархистов (проект)

Author: Аршинов П.А., Махно Н.И. и др.

FileType: pdf





Karen Review: Welcome back to the Belle Meade Plantation series! Book three centers on characters in 1871 Nashville who are new acquaintances, both who have similar struggles to achieve their dreams at the cost of great personal sacrifice. It reads well as a stand alone, with some mention of people from other books.

This finely written story creatively weaves together real people and events with fictional characters, effectively dealing with issues like prejudice, overcoming fear, and walking by faith towards


Owen Review: The content's not really that bad: it combines the therapeutic past-excavation and "I am a money magnet!" affirmations of a book like Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, the cheerleading of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, and the practical advice of inventorying, tracking spending, and investing wisely from Your Money or Your Life. It doesn't have much to say to those of us uncertain about what kind of work to do in the first place, but there's only so many problems someone else's book can solve fo



Well, frak me, spank my petunia and call me Susie!! If your Jericho Barrons, that is. He could call me Susie, Fiona, Mac (Miss Lane if your nasty). Whatever the hell he wants to call me.

Gawd, if you thought Barrons was naughtee with double e's in the other books, I'm here to tell you that he is naughteeeeeee with infinite e's in this one!! Seriously, some of the other girls have already agreed with me that we need to find this man and spank him. So, who's


Skylar Burris Review: I read this many years ago as a teenager, before it was as well known as it is today, and then I read it again in college. Readers often expect imperialism to be dealt with in black and white. Either the author desires to see native ways preserved and consequently views any imperial attempts as immoral and threatening, or he's a Kipling-style "white man's burden" devotee who believes non-European cultures ought to be improved by supervision from their European "superiors." Yet Things Fall Apart


Raeleen Lemay Review: I really enjoyed this! It's perfect for fans of Wonder by R.J. Palacio, and I think this should be required reading in elementary schools. Really powerful.


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