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1. Title:Algebraic Structures and Operator Calculus: Volume II: Special Functions and Computer Science (Mathematics and Its Applications)

Author: P. Feinsilver, René Schott

FileType: pdf






Fran Review: A chance meeting in a New York City cafe. The push and pull of a love that cannot be denied.

Liat, an Israeli translator from Tel Aviv, has the opportunity to spend six months in Manhattan while working on her master's degree. Liat has served in the Israeli army. She defends Israel and justifies its politics. Liat misses the sea.

Hilmi, a gifted Palestinian painter from Ramallah, lives in Brooklyn,having entered the United States on an artist's visa. He cannot drive a car, shoot a gun or swim. He


Emily May Review:

I got back to my apartment in Bulgaria and thought I'd read a little bit of this novel before I went to bed. 2 hours later I was still sat in my original position but by this time I was sobbing my heart out. Literally sat there crying like a baby to myself. I doubt this book will be everyone's cup of tea but, whatever it has, it really worked it's magic on me.

I thought A Monster Calls was pretty much amazing in every way; from it's darkly beautiful illustrations (worth buying a paper copy for)


Shayna Review: “Just remember that no matter how hot he is or how tingly he makes your lady bits, he’s a sexist asshole who doesn’t have the capacity to give you the respect a badass chick such as yourself deserves.”

The QUEEN of Romantic Comedy has struck again! Her latest release, MISS MECHANIC, delighted, thrilled, and bulldozed its way straight to my heart! Emma Hart is a rom-com GENIUS and she proves herself time and time again. The HUGE SMILE never left my face! I always have the BEST DAMN TIME reading


Sarah Review: (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Orion Publishing Group and NetGalley.)

“I wish she’d died.”

This was a YA mystery story, featuring a girl who’d been dead for 13 minutes, and then revived.

We had several important characters in this book, not least of all Natasha who was dragged from a river and dead for 13 minutes. It was quiet easy to feel sorry for Natasha, especially when it seemed like her friends might have been trying to kill


Jason Koivu Review: Holy suppositions, Gladwell! There's a whole lotta coulds, may haves, apparentlies, perhapses up in here!

Malcolm Gladwell's basic premise in The Tipping Point: To explain how word-of-mouth is spread.

A couple of the examples he used were how crime was reduced in NYC under Giuliani's reign and how an old, dead-in-the-water brand of shoes seemingly suddenly were selling like hotcakes. But honestly, my favorite bit was the section on Sesame Street.

It's interesting stuff, no doubt with some truth to


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