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Author: Philip Campbell

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Publisher:Nature Publishing Group





Jacob Review: I recently finishing reading the book, “The ONE Thing” by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. As part of my book group I hosted a live call with Jay Papasan and members of the group last week. This book was very insightful. I judge books in this genre based on asking myself, “How much, if at all, will this book change my daily behavior?” Based on that criteria I would have to rank this book very high as it will change my behavior.

The premise of The ONE Thing is that at any given point in time, there is


Will M. Review: Review of the first volume: Locke & Key, Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft

I immediately went ahead and read the second volume of the Locke and Key series. The first volume was very satisfactory, providing a good introduction to the series. The second volume didn't disappoint either, as the novel developed even further.

The first volume was pure introduction to the world and characters, but it didn't focus much on the keys. I'm very glad that the second one focused on one particular key, and the se


Laura Ann Review: Oh my god. I actually have no words.


☘Misericordia☘ ⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ❂❤❣ Review: Intriguing but not particularly. Survivor's guilt was played around a bit hasty. The character a bit movie-like, in an unflattering way. Not my cup of tea, though decent.
You’re not a vigilante. You’re an agent of change... for the better.(c)
“All you had to do was say no.”...
“You made this happen. Not me,”...
“I made this happen? Me? How could I make this happen?”...
“You made it happen because of who you are. The kind of person you are. You have only yourself to blame.”...
“It’s up to you if


Andy Review: It's the way Steinbeck describes things that gets me.

"Crooks, the negro stable buck, had his bunk in the harness room; a little shed that leaned off the wall of the barn. On one side of the little room there was a square four-paned window, and on the other, a narrow plank door leading into the barn. Crooks' bunk was a long box filled with straw, on which his blankets were flung. On the wall by the window there were pegs on which hung broken harness in process of being mended; strips of new leath


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