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1. Title:Ударная армия

Author: Варфоломеев Н.

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Roksana Review: self note:

I was super excited checking this book out due to the hero being a rock star but not the typical manwhore..he is apparently shy..but I just read the sample and there was a very detailed sex scene with him and OW when he was 18...I just lost any desire to read it...WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THAT SEX SCENE? This woman was just in passing in his life...why do we have to read it in details? It would be enough to just mention briefly that he only slept with one woman, but no ALL THE DETAILS ARE


MillsyLovesBooks Review:

Pierced Ink was "quick and dirty, just the way we like it" even though this is a short read for Dani René. It doesn't lack anything with still get all the grittiness and passion of a full novel.

Jagger opened his heart to the woman he thought was his forever Ava. But the next day she up'd and left him no explanation nothing. Two years later and Jagger has been left jaded by love. Don't get me wrong he's an all over alpha male and has women by the plenty but he's never open himself up again!



Emma Giordano Review: 3 Stars. Unfortunately, I was a little let down by Everything Everything. I have heard people raving about it since 2015, I've been dying to read it since 2015. I can't exactly tell if it was just overhyped (by others and myself) or if the book just all around was not the best for me.

The overarching positive thing I have to say about this book is that it was entertaining. Although I wasn't 100% satisfied with the story as a whole, I wanted to keep reading. It was addicting and amusing, and it wa


Lauren Paletta Review: Interesting, but I got bored. Apparently I'm not a big enough fan for this.


Skip Review: Read about this one in the NY Times Book Review. Sounded interesting, and did not disappoint. Captain Henry Koskela (a/k/a Chief) and female gorilla Sally Jones are hired by Alfonse Morro to pick up some tiles along a river in their small cargo ship. Things go awry at the pickup, Alfonse Morro falls in the sea back at the port, and Chief is arrested for his murder. Sally Jones goes on the run, and subsequently enlists the help of new friends to prove the Chief's innocence as he is convicted and


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