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1. Title:Dynamic Programming and the Calculus of Variations (Mathematics in Science and Engineering, Volume 21)

Author: Stuart E. Dreyfus

FileType: pdf






Amy Review: I went specificly looking for an Epic Fantasy series that could engross me as much as A Song of Ice and Fire, The Lord of the Rings, or The Wheel of Time. I found this highly reccomended and went into it expecting to love it. I was very surpised to find it so disappointing. I am unsure why this gets listed as being on par with the other series I listed. The writting is really sub-par. You don't care about the characters, it's narrated like somone decided to write out their DnD adventure, it seem


Maria Review: Sam is a handsome pilot who has dedicated too much of his time defending his country. For this reason his commander forces him to go on vacation and relax. So after attending his brother’s wedding in Ireland, he chooses his destination and lands in Santorini. In such a beautiful place, he meets Kinsey, under an unusual circumstance that is he saves her after a failed attempt of kidnapping. It will initially all seem so confusing but after a series of events and twists, they will both realize tha


Heather Fineisen Review: A straightforward mystery that could easily be read as a standalone. That said, Pendergast fans may be disappointed that there is no character development to further the series along. There is a murderer who is beheading extremely wealthy victims and police are at a loss. There are political undercurrents featuring the wealthy vs. the nots. A satisfying read.

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Khanh (the meanie) Review:

I last read this book when I was 14 years old, given that I'm almost 32 now, I have a whole new perspective on it. Despite the fact that I gave this book 5 stars previously, I have to admit that it didn't grow on me until this, my second read.

Confession time: I didn't like Remus or Sirius.

*Khanh ducks as rotten fruit and eggs are thrown her way*

OK, OK, I'M SORRY! I've since changed my mind! Notice that I used the past tense.

Obviously, there will be spoilers for the book below, for the 1.5 of yo


Hailey (HaileyinBookland) Review: I absolutely adored this. Review to come!


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