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Vincent Ng Review: This is an interesting book written from a seasoned pastor, Calvin Miller, to help younger pastors who are going into pastoral ministry in the form of 35 different letters. The book is helpful is describing practical day-to-day issues that may arise during the course of ministry, and he gives words of wisdom based off of his personal experience. The book has both a combination of seriousness and humour - of which might be overdone (my personal preference). But nonetheless, it is a heart warming


K Review: I wish we had found this earlier - T loves touch and feel books, and I like to read seasonal books - but we've moved on to reading mostly spring books hoping that it will actually start acting like spring.


Hesper Review: Anne Carson begins her translator's foreword by saying, “a translator is someone trying to get between a body and its shadow,” which is the best description I've ever heard of what it means to translate. Shadows are interesting things in folklore. To be separated from one's shadow is often a sentence to eternal soullessness, and that's exactly what too many translations do: divide the soul of a work from its body, condemning it to eternal indifference.

There is none of that here. Carson's languag


Cat Review: Great little lesson story" Every preschool and Kindergarten class should have it! Heck, Parents should use it to prepare their kids for school! Loved the illustrations!


Rebecca Light Review: Thought this might be derivative of Oh the Places You'll Go (is the cover an homage or a ripoff; always hard to tell the difference), or The Wonderful Things You Will Be, but no. It totally stood on it's own. Really sweet book for a kid graduating kindergarten.


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