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1. Литературное наследство. Том 71. Василий Слепцов: Неизвестные страницы Ред.: И.И. Анисимов (гл. ред.), Д.Д. Благой, А.С. Бушмин, В.В. Виноградов, А.Н. Дубовиков, И.С. Зильберштейн, С.А. Макашин, К.Д. Муратова, Ю.Г. Оксман, Р.М. Самарин, Л.И. Тимофеев, М.Б. Храпченко, В.Р. Щербина pdf Изд-во АН СССР 39715225 Russian 1963 [Download]


Brittney ~ Reverie and Ink Review: I'm not going to say a ton here, and I'm not sure I have a rating for this one. But it WAS funny and cute. I could have used a bit more conflict and banter, especially as I was super hoping for a good hate-to-love. It went to love pretty quickly though, too quickly for my taste. But whatever, it was a cute, light read. I laughed out loud a few times.

One thing - suicide trigger warning (a parent of one of the characters did it in the past - so just heads up - it's mentioned a few times.)

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CrazyTiltedHalo_BookPlugTyeis Washington Review: Amazing As Always

As always really enjoyed this. I think this book stuck out more for me because typically your books are not as sexual as this one was. You have a special way of exuding intimacy without the act of sex. That still occurred here however the creep in me appreciated the added sexual parts. Lol


Swapna Peri Review: Book Title: Different beads of the same string
Author: Sujay Malik
Format: Kindle
Number of pages : 138
Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited
Publishing Date: 11th Aug 2017

Book Title:
The title of the book ' Different beads of the same string ' gives the reader a hint that it's a story human emotions.

Book Cover :
The book cover is simple and just beads all over.

The book contains ten short stories that deal with highest level of human emotions both simple and compl


Carl Stevens Review: Novelists need to know rational thought well and dysrationalia even better.


Rachel Hall Review:
“Nightmares aren’t frightening once you wake up. Memories are.”

After meeting the woman formerly known as Gina Royal and seeing her experiences at the mercy of ex-husband and serial killer, Melvin, in Stillhouse Lake I confess to having high expectations for a storming second encounter. Thankfully they were not only met but thoroughly surpassed by Rachel Caine, however this review does come with the same proviso that concluded my review of the first novel; namely that this is excellent eye-rollin


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