Крестьянские восстания в России в 1918-1922 гг. От махновщины до антоновщины.pdf


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1. Title:Крестьянские восстания в России в 1918-1922 гг. От махновщины до антоновщины

Author: Алешкин П.Ф., Васильев Ю.А.

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Petra X Review: The book was too much a basic primer for me, at least to start with, but that's probably because I've read too many books on our origins biologically and culturally. Once the author had us settled into the civilization of cities he waxed romantically (as authors on this subject quite often do) on the life of the hunter gatherer and its perfection. (I've just finished Sebastian Junger's Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging and there was more of that.) If it was all so perfect then more of us would


Tal Review: I hate seeing so much potential in a good story, reduced to something completely anti-premise.
This story is just one of those books. I loved the premise of a kid training to be very OP(Overpowered) assassin-warrior-fighter-ish kind of person, and the premise of Rezkin's conspiracy/purpose and all. This doesn't deliver it. The whole stage of the training is one chapter, which the skills are based on the time skips themselves and not really making them legit.

Other than that, the force of coinciden


Sofia Review: And for the... third? Fourth time? I read this book. I have lost count of how many times I've read it, I only know that I continue to love it as much as I did when I first read it.

When I read it for the first time, four years ago or something like that, I felt different reading some parts than I do now. After all, at the time, I was the same age as the main characters' so I saw myself in them more than I do now.

But I continue to love this book. It's so... honest. It has the good and the bad side


Fotooh Jarkas Review: للكاتبة قدرة ممتازة على اللعب بأبطالها ، و تحوير مجرى الأحداث بشتى الوسائل بما يخدم قصتها و بغض النظر عن منطقيتها .

الأخطاء النحوية والإملائية أكثر من أن تذكر ، و قد وسمت العمل للأسف منذ البداية بعدم النضوج. عزز هذه السمة عدة أمور أذكر منها بدايةً شخصيات الرواية الهشة ذات الانفعالات العاطفية المبالغ بها . يتجلى هذا في كل الرواية ولكن بشكل مكثف جدا في الصفحات العشرين الأولى .

ثانياً الأسلوب الرومنسي الحالم في معالجة القضايا ، خاصة في قصة طلاق ليلى و ملاحقة الرجال لها و إغماءاتها على طريقة الأفلام


Ginger Snaps Review: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This is the first volume in a 4 volume romantic suspense series. Each volume focuses on a different Sterling Brother. Volume 1 was Eli's story. This was a quick and enjoyable read with a cliffhanger, but volume 2 releases in just a few days. I loved Eli and Chloe, and am DYING (figuratively) to get my hands on volume 2, which features brother Dax. I have a feeling that Dax might end up being my favorite. I'll find out when his volume releases in 4 days!!!


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