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1. Title:Theory Rules: Art as Theory / Theory as art

Author: Jody Berland, Will Straw, David Tomas

FileType: pdf

Publisher:University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division




Sasha Alsberg Review: This could, quite possibly be, one of my favorite books I've ever read. Truly an amazing, magical and ethereal read that I really didn't want to end!
In depth review coming soon to my YouTube channel!


Voula Review: I read this book quite some time ago. I generally don't read for enrichment, but this book is well worth it. It really clarified and explained how different kinds of people express their affection. It sure helped me understand others' non verbal communication. It was a good, fairly easy read with lots of wonderful wisdom in it.


Expresso-Girls Just Wanna Have Books ; A Mafia Romance Review: I first fell in love with Vicktor after reading the blurb. Then I fell deeper in love with him at the meeting and during his initial job proposal. But then shortly after, I lost Vicktor. The story has so many words without saying much of anything. The characters are lost among the overuse of words.

The plot is excellent but the execution needs work. In this case, excess words does not assist in this story. Excess actually distract from the story. The ending did not “POP” in my opinion as a result


Callie Rose Tyler Review: Overall, this Spider-man team up series has been a disappointment but at least the content and tone improves in this last volume. However, I only read the first three volumes of the series to read this last one because I was interested in reading more Superior Spider-man adventures. Sadly, my efforts were somewhat wasted since it is not necessary to read the first three volumes to read the last one, there isn't much or any continuity between them. Each issue within the series is self contained r


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