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1. Title:A Guide to Safe Material and Chemical Handling (Wiley-Scrivener)

Author: Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff

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Patrick Review: I kinda liked this book. But my opinion on the matter probably shouldn't be trusted....


Angela Review: I just re-read this (online) here. It's missing some stuff that I remember in the original (which I have on my computer at home and will check tonight). Specifically the very last paragraph from Barrons talking directly to KMM. But since this was made canon in Burned, I guess that last paragraph is pointless. Which makes me rage beyond all levels of rage.

Serious spoilers to come. Don't click if you haven't read through Chapter 3 of Darkfever and/or read this scene.

(view spoiler)[Before I get in


Mark Review: Another crime novel from the prolific pen of Minette Walters. A fascinating tale of disappearances, murders (plural), and suicides, with a varied cast that runs the social gamut from multi-millionaire business men to street people. The death of a homeless man in the garage of a well-heeled woman attracts the interest of a newspaper man looking for an angle on a story about homelessness. The derelict bears an uncanny resemblance to the woman's husband, who had disappeared under mysterious circums


Tami czenkus Review: WOW! Emily once again blew me away with yet another romance that pulled every emotion from my soul! Cami and Bradan are both damaged in the love department and try to resist one another in this beautifully written love story. Broken hearts, guilt and fear keep these two lovebirds from really letting go and finding true happiness. Emily was quite the talent to transport you into every story she writes. Bradan well known playboy and (not quite) Happy with that status is driven and passionate, Cami


Petra X Review: The book was too much a basic primer for me, at least to start with, but that's probably because I've read too many books on our origins biologically and culturally. Once the author had us settled into the civilization of cities he waxed romantically (as authors on this subject quite often do) on the life of the hunter gatherer and its perfection. (I've just finished Sebastian Junger's Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging and there was more of that.) If it was all so perfect then more of us would


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