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1. Chance, Luck, and Statistics: The Science of Change Horace C. Levinson pdf Dover Pubns 15108919 English 2000 [Download]


Liz Barnsley Review: Anyone that remembers how excitable and shrieky my good friend Kate of Bibliophile Book Club and I got over the first in this series, the gloriously entertaining Pendulum, will know that anticipation for the sequel, Freefall was high. As were expectations. No pressure then Mr Hamdy.

Freefall turned out to be a banging good read, like Pendulum but better, picking up from where that left off we find Wallace in a war zone in an attempt to make some random amends, Ash fighting the force of an employe


Reading.Between.Wines Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5!!

For me, The Last Mrs. Parrish was a cross between The Wife Between Us (there was even a "nervous Nellie" remark, how random is that?) and The Couple Next Door. I thought this book was fairly predictable, but it was SO good you guys.

I didn't read the blurb again before I started reading, and this is a good book to go in without reading it (even though it doesn't give too much of anything away). What a deceitful little creature Amber is... The mix of Amber, Jackson, and Daphne was so perf


Paromjit Review: Katherine Heiny has written a smart and joyful debut novel about a New York family and their everyday life. It is written through the perspective of Graham, in his early sixties, married to his second wife, the eccentric Audra, a force of nature, whom he adores, and their 10 year old autistic son, Matthew, for whom they will do anything. The title, Standard Deviation, refers to the term used by a doctor in categorising just how far from the norm Matthew is. It might be inferred to apply to Audra


Karen❄️ Review: "In the end all the rivers flow into the same sea"

This beautiful story of an Israeli women and Palestinian man, meet in New York and fall in love. There is a time limit on this love affair because the woman is going back to Israel the following May, and due to the fact that she is worried about her family finding out she is in a relationship with an Arab.
I just fell in love with this man named Himli. He gave her his entire self.

I was very invested in these characters and throughout the book I w


Christine Riccio Review: This was excellent, I loved it! Here's my full booktalk:


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