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1. Title:Theory and Language Acquisition

Author: Susanne Niemeier, Martin Pütz

FileType: pdf

Publisher:De Gruyter Mouton





Ms. Yingling Review: Copy provided by publisher, thankfully!

Since Connor was so successful in his first mission, he is picked to go on another one where his Principals will be the twin daughters of a very rich Australian publisher. Since he had a romantic complication with the president's daughter, another bodyguard, Ling, is assigned to the detail as well. One daughter, Emily, was kidnapped previously and had spent some time in captivity. She is understandably angry about many things, while Chloe is somewhat more f


Joan Review: This charming story of interspecies friendship is a keeper. The cat and dog both survived Katrina after being abandoned by their owners. Eventually they were taken to a shelter and separated. Both animals threw fits. Finally they put them back together. After watching them together, they realized the cat was blind and the dog guided and protected the cat. Both, btw had bobbed tails which inspired their names.


softlykaz Review:
well, sometimes it lasts in love sometimes you end up two starring the book instead

i am a huge fan of space (both outer and personal) and i feel like nasa should strongly consider volunteer applicants even if they have no prior experience and just think space is cool and want to be hurtled into the moon. because i really think it's time gravity lets go of me and i start floating above cities and clouds to space and beyond

so you understand why it came as a shock to me that i did not love a book a


Jeff Review: What I learned reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

By Jeff

1) Some things are better left unsaid. Really? Who knows how Hyde indulged himself? Hookers? Pirating? Running an orphan sweat shop? Booze? Opium? Ripping the “Do Not Remove under Penalty of Law” labels from mattresses?

2) Never have a nosy lawyer as a best friend. Who the hell hangs out with lawyers?

3) My evil Hyde would not be a top hat wearing, monkey-like Juggernaut. Sorry, he would be more Dean Martin-esque, a la “The Nutty Professor.



Bradley Review: This book was great.

I admit to worrying that he wouldn't be able to keep up the quality from The Martian, and this is definitely a very different kind of tale from that, being half a heist novel but otherwise just a great adventure, but he pulls it off. Better than pulling it off, even. I love his characters and the feel of the moon city, Artemis, is vital and detailed.

But you know what the best part is?

I was thoroughly entertained during the entire read. The pacing is great, the reveals belie


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