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1. Title:Hydrocarbon Process Safety

Author: Clifford Jones

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Whittles Publishing




Debbie Petersen Review: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Sometimes, belonging to a book club (or two, or in my case, three) means that you are introduced to something that you would have never read on your own, that turns out to stretch your mind and lead to interesting discoveries...and other times, you are so aghast by someone's favorite that you avoid the discussion of the book so as not to hurt the person's feelings who suggested it. Here on Goodreads, I will pull no punches. This book reads like a Hallmark card, or a serial in a woman's magazine,


Judelon Ingram Review: I really, really liked the title. 3 weeks and only 30% into it, and I still like the title.


Julie Review: My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry by Fredrick Backman is a 2015 Atria publication.

I read “Britt-Marie was Here” a while back and really liked it. It was suggested to me several times that I should go back and read this book because Brit-Marie is a secondary character here and this book is a segue into BMWH.

I am glad I was gently nudged to read this book and I couldn’t have chosen a better time to read this one. After having read several books in a row with melancholy themes, this


Ann Williams Review: This book came all the way from the Massachusetts College of Art with a special book strap on it. It was so precious and delicate to hold. I loved the story and the pictures and when it is time to study Canada, I will request this book again. Students will love it!


Udai Yadla Review: True love stories and college stories are quite common in the Indian market. But I must confess that, though this falls in the most common genre, this book is unique. I loved this book for many reasons. Autobiographical books are always prone to conflict of interest, but I must say this one is an exception. I have a feeling that this is the most honest book I have ever read.
When I read the prologue, it gave me a melancholic feeling. I made up my mind that this book is a tragedy. But I must say,


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