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1. Title:Galapagos Islands Coloring Book

Author: Jan Sovak

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Dover Pubns




Kirsten Review: I wish I could read anything Ellis without having the screaming fear he's never going to finish it. I quadruple wish it for this series, because it's seriously some of the best dark fantasy/sf/horror in comic book form I've read. It's just astonishingly good.


Emma Giordano Review: THIS. DANG. BOOK. Y’ALL. It’s a must read. One of the best YA books published in 2017. It’s so important, especially for young readers, and I cannot recommend it enough.

HARD TW: Rape, Sexual Assault

One of my favorite things about this book is the characters. Grace is the new girl who is fat and a Christian. I’m always so pleased to see books where fat protagonists are able to have a story that’s NOT about their body, but it is just a characteristic of who they are. I was also immensely pleased w


Tracey Review: I have tried to write this review several times. I guess I have a lot of thoughts about this novel.

My first thought is that Jodi Picoult did not write this for me. I don't know what the demographic is for Ms. Picoult's novels but being a book person for a long time and having been to a couple of her book readings, I think I can make a pretty accurate guess at the demographic that buys her novels. So this is a novel that was written for white women and it doesn't stray far from Ms. Picoult's othe


Esil Review: An enthusiastic 4+ stars! My Name Is Leon hit just the right emotional punch. Set in the late 1970s in England, this book is told from 9 year old Leon's perspective. He is half black, living with his single mum and 1 year old brother. His mum is not up to the task of looking after her kids, so Leon looks after his brother and eventually they move into foster care with Maureen. And the rest of the book focuses on Leon's longing for his imperfect lost family and his actual life in foster care. I l


Lili Review: Aku udah lama sih selesai baca bukunya, udah dari beberapa tahun yang lalu. But, anyway, aku cuman mau komen, hehe..

Pertama dari sejarahnya aku menemukan novel ini. Dulu aku ada langganan majalah, dan di majalah itu direkomendasikanlah buku ini, dan juga ada dikasih sinopsisnya. Kalo namanya udah di rekomendasiin, berarti ni buku bagus dong. Tapi aku juga ada menilai dari sinopsisnya, "well i think this is a good book" pikiranku waktu itu.

Then, when i went to gramedia, i found this book and i re


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