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1. Galapagos Islands Coloring Book Jan Sovak pdf Dover Pubns 5800581 English 2006 [Download]


Jackie D Review: When Caleb Hunt finds himself entranced with the feisty Professor Dani French, he cannot help but push her limits just as much as she pushes him. Preferring his loner ways, being a Park Ranger in the midst of a developing State Park, in Oregon- she is a welcome, yet an unwelcome set of frustrating distractions.
Determined to show everyone including the cocky, smug grinning, confusing Ranger Hunt, she is capable of handling the wilderness, and her research on the frogs will prove worthwhile.


Nastassja Review:

Buddy-read with my partners in crime (I believe I can honestly admit now that we were planning to assassinate this book) Vira (special thanks to you, my book fairy godmother), Simona, Katerina.


I've been waiting for this book with a vigor of a seasoned fan; like a person dying of thirst and as if this book is the only water source for miles; like a chocolate addict who's waiting for her favorite sort of chocolate to be delivered... Okay, now you've got the picture? Add to this the fact I've


Lisa Review: I’m actually super sad right now knowing that this series has come to an end. I suppose all good things must end. The bright side – KA writes a hell of a lot of books and I can always do re-reads.

So, moving on with the review...

I loved Tyra. She is beautiful, smart, sassy and she is also sweet and vulnerable. She was not exactly the type of woman I would think would end up with a badass biker. Truthfully, I found her kinda dorky.

Exhibit "A"

“Uh… you pledged your troth to me, Tack. It’s not like y


Emily Review: This is a well researched book with beautifully written prose focusing on the later part of Wangari's life. The illustrations are absolutely stunning and are reason enough to include this book in a collection. The combination of printed fabrics and oil paints give each picture such incredible texture and life.


Penny Mooney Review: Caleb hunt was the Park Ranger building a new park for the pubic.. He is also a playboy who is friends with Brice the benefactor of the park. Dani is a professor doing research on frogs working on her tenure. She has the project that is funded by Brice also. There is an immediate attraction. This story is full of intrigue, lust, danger, demons from the past, and love. How will Caleb and Dani get along during her time at the par? Will they be drawn into things they shouldn’t? Can they have a rela


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